Township of Belleville, NJ
Essex County
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[Ord. #1425 § 1]
A Code regulating the installation, maintenance, repair and control of the plumbing of buildings, and the connection thereof with outside sewers, cesspools or other receptacles, regulating the practice of plumbing and the issuance of licenses to practice plumbing is hereby established pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 275, P.L. of 1948. A copy of the code is annexed hereto and made a part hereof without the inclusion of the text thereof herein.
[Ord. #1425 § 2]
The code established and adopted by this chapter is described and commonly known as the "Plumbing Code of New Jersey (1953)." The provisions of the Code are adopted with the following exceptions.
[Ord. #1425]
[Ord. #1425 SE500]
Section 5-1.1 is amended by striking out the following: "three single laundry trays or three lavatories" and inserting in place thereof "two single laundry trays or two lavatories."
Section 5.2.2 is amended by striking out the following: "Combination sink and laundry tray ...... 1 1/2 inches and inserting in place thereof "Combination sink and laundry tray ...... two inches."
Section 5.3.4 is amended by striking out the following words: "are not required. When used, they."
[Ord. #1425 SE900]
Section 9.1.2 is amended by adding the following: "No copper is to be installed underground."
Section 9.1.3(a) is amended by striking out the following: "bituminized fiber sewer pipe."
Section 9.1.4 is amended by adding the following: "No iron bends shall be used above basement unless in a concrete building."
[Ord. #1425 § 3]
Three copies of the "Plumbing Code of New Jersey (1953)," similarly marked, have been placed on file in the office of the clerk of this Town and will remain on file in such office for the use and examination of the public.
[Ord. #1425 § 4]
In connection with the provisions of this section and the Code hereby established and adopted as part hereof, the following fees shall be charged and received:
For the examination of any applicant for license as master plumber, $50.
For the issuance of first license, $25, and annual renewal of a license as master plumber, $5.
For the issuance of a permit for a proposed plumbing construction or alteration, $2. For each additional fixture the fees shall be pursuant to the following schedule:
1 to 5 fixtures
6 to 10 fixtures
11 to 14 fixtures
15 to 19 fixtures
20 to 25 fixtures
Each additional 10 fixtures
For the replacement of fixtures, the fee shall be $1 for each fixture replaced.
For each reinspection of plumbing caused by the failure of a licensee to comply with the provisions of the Code or permit issued, $2.
For each inspection of septic tank installation, $5.
For each inspection of house sewer connection to street, $2.
For each inspection of water heaters or water heating appliances, $1. Water heaters or waterheater appliances shall not be deemed fixtures under subsection (c).
[Ord. #1425 § 5]
Where a corporation applies for a master plumber's license, the application for the license shall be made by the president thereof, but he may designate a member of the corporation as its constituted representative who shall have supervision of the plumbing work done by it. The license shall become void upon severing by the member or employee of his connection with the corporation.
[Ord. #1425]
[Ord. #1425 § 6]
A permit is required to install plumbing, as provided under 7-17 including 7-17.4, of the State Code, for all dwellings, schools, public buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses.
[Ord. #1425 § 7]
When a permit is issued to an owner to install plumbing work, as provided under 14.1.3 of the State Code, the owner shall comply with all the requirements of the State Code applicable to master plumbers.
[Ord. #1425 § 8]
When a permit is issued to install plumbing work, appliances or any equipment that is to be connected to the water and sewer system, as provided under 14.1.3 of the State Code, the person or corporation shall comply with all requirements and regulations of the Code applicable to master plumbers.
[Ord. #1425 § 9]
The Township Council may adopt such rules and regulations which they deem necessary with this chapter and the Code established hereunder which do not conflict therewith.
[Ord. #1425 §§ 10, 11]
Nothing contained in this section shall apply to any public utility subject to regulation by the Board of Public Utility Commissioners of the State of New Jersey, nor to any of its employees while engaged in the ordinary conduct of its business. A permit shall be obtained by such utility for the installation of new equipment, but no permit shall be necessary with regard to maintenance or repair.
[Ord. #643]
In lieu of the bond required there may be filed an association bond of an approved master plumbers' association, in such form and amount as shall be acceptable to the Township Council, provided the master plumbers' association shall file a properly executed certificate that the person to be covered by the bond is at the time a member in good standing, and if at any time thereafter such person ceases for any reason to be a member of the association, that fact shall be immediately communicated in writing to the Township Council.