Township of Deerfield, NJ
Cumberland County
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[Added 9-18-1991 by Ord. No. 1991-9]
The position of Township Administrator of the Township of Deerfield is hereby created.
Appointment of Township Administrator. The Township Administrator shall be appointed by the Township Committee.
Term of office. The term of office of the Township Administrator shall be at the pleasure of the Township Committee.
Removal of Township Administrator. The Township Administrator may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the governing body. The resolution of removal shall become effective three months after its adoption by the governing body. The governing body may provide that the resolution shall have immediate effect; provided, however, that the governing body shall cause to be paid to the Township Administrator forthwith any unpaid balance of his salary and his salary for the next three calendar months following adoption of the resolution.
Acting Township Administrator. In the event of removal or resignation of the Township Administrator, the Township may, by resolution, appoint an officer or other employee of the municipality as Acting Administrator to serve at the pleasure of the Township Committee until an Administrator is appointed. Unless otherwise provided, no person named as Acting Administrator shall receive any additional compensation while serving in such capacity. Removal of an Acting Administrator shall be by majority vote of the Township Committee.
Compensation of Township Administrator. The Township Administrator shall receive as a salary such sums as may be fixed and adopted by the Salary Ordinance of the Township of Deerfield.[1]
Editor's Note: The Salary Ordinance is on file in the office of the Township Clerk.
The Township Administrator shall be chosen by the Township Committee on the basis of executive and administrative abilities and qualifications, with special regard to education, training and experience in government affairs.
The Township Administrator need not be a resident of the Township of Deerfield.
The Township Administrator shall have the following powers and perform the following duties:
Attend all Township Committee meetings as directed by the Township Committee.
Provide a liaison between the Township Committee and the various municipal boards, agencies and departments of the Township of Deerfield and its professional advisors.
Keep the Township Committee currently informed on all matters assigned to him or otherwise within his jurisdiction.
Be responsible for the coordination of intradepartmental operations and manage the day-to-day operations of the Township Hall by coordinating and supervising the activities of all employees, and assign and delegate the work load among the various clerical and secretarial employees.
Make studies and surveys of such municipal problems of the Township of Deerfield as shall be assigned to him from time to time by the Township Committee, and report his findings and determinations to the Township Committee for its consideration and action.
See that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Township or its inhabitants in any statute or contract are faithfully kept and performed and, upon knowledge of any violation, call the same to the attention of the Township Committee.
Have the authority to recommend the removal, discipline and appointment of all department heads and all other employees, subject to personnel policies of the Township. In addition, he shall have the authority to suspend any and all Township employees immediately. In cases of suspension, it shall be his responsibility to notify 2/3 of the governing body within 24 hours.
Continually review and supervise the Township's insurance program.
Be responsible for the overall supervision and maintenance of real property owned by the Township of Deerfield.
Act as liaison between the Township of Deerfield and the various county, state and federal agencies, with respect to all applications for funds and/or services needed or required by the Township of Deerfield.
Review daily any complaints concerning the functions and obligations of the Township of Deerfield made by any of its residents, and he shall have a permanent record of all complaints and the disposition made.
Make any recommendations which he may believe will increase the efficiency of the operation of the Township of Deerfield.
Be responsible for the preparation of the operating and capital improvement budgets for presentation to the Township Committee and for administration of the budget approved by the governing body. In preparing the proposed budget, he shall alert department heads to the submission of their portion thereof, with supporting data he deems necessary, and shall assist the individual Committee members and department heads in contributing their share of the responsibility for the municipal budget. He shall thoroughly review these requests and submit his recommendations with respect thereto to the governing body in a timely fashion.
Review all requisitions from departments for materials, equipment and supplies and proofs of purchase by the Committee. He shall require various departments to furnish an adequate inventory of all equipment, materials and supplies in stock and to recommend the sale of any surplus, obsolete or unused equipment when authorized by the Township Committee.
Establish working personal, vacation and sick leave schedule.
Perform such other duties as may be assigned to him from time to time by the Township Committee.
[Amended 6-5-1996 by Ord. No. 1996-4]
It shall be permissible for the Township Clerk to also hold the office of Township Administrator. In such event, the title of such dual office holder shall be "Township Clerk/Administrator." It is hereby declared to be the policy and intent of the Township Committee to encourage the appointment of the Township Clerk to be the Township Administrator.
The Township Administrator shall furnish a surety bond, to be approved by the Township Committee, said bond to be conditioned upon the faithful performance of his duties. The premium of said bond shall be paid by the Township.