Township of Deerfield, NJ
Cumberland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 5-40 Official surety bonds.

Every officer or employee of the Township who, by virtue of his office or position, is entrusted with the receipt, custody or expenditure of public moneys or funds, and any other officer or employee who may be required to do so by the Township Committee, shall, before entering upon the duties of his office or position, execute and deliver a surety bond in such amount as may be fixed by resolution of the Township Committee, binding him to the Township in its corporate name and conditioned upon the true and faithful performance of his duty. Each officer or employee required by law to give bond shall execute such bond with sufficient surety and deliver the same to the Township Committee, except that the Clerk shall deliver his bond to the Township Solicitor, before he enters upon the discharge of the duties of his office or employment.
If any officer or employee shall neglect to execute and deliver his bond as herein required within 30 days after due notification of his election or appointment, his office may be declared vacant by the Township Committee.
In every case in which any person is required by the laws of the state or by any ordinance of the Township to give a bond for the faithful performance of his duties, such bond shall be secured by a corporate surety authorized to do business in this state, and the premium therefor shall be paid by the Township. Each such bond shall be approved as to form and sufficiency by the Township Solicitor, and nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the use of one or more blanket bonds when so approved.

§ 5-41 Conflict of interest.

No officer or employee elected or appointed in the Township shall be interested directly or indirectly in any contract with the Township or in the compensation for work done or for materials or supplies furnished to the Township or to any contractor or other person furnishing the same to the Township, nor shall he participate in any profits of such contractor or other person or receive any compensation, commission, gift or other reward for his services except the salary or fees established by law or ordinance or resolution of the Township Committee.
No officer or employee elected or appointed in the Township shall accept or solicit anything of value as consideration for or in connection with the discharge of his official duties other than the fee or compensation prescribed pursuant to law.
No officer or employee elected or appointed in the Township shall represent private interests before the Township Committee or before any board, commission or agency of the Township, or represent private interests in any action or proceedings against the interest of the Township in any litigation.
No Township Committeeman or member of any Township agency, board, commission or other body shall vote for the adoption or defeat of any ordinance or resolution or for the payment or nonpayment of any indebtedness owing or allegedly owing by the Township in which he has any financial or other personal interest, directly or indirectly; nor shall any official or employee recommend or lobby for the adoption or defeat of any such measure or for the institution or defense of any legal or quasi-legal action whatever in which he has or may have a financial or other personal interest, direct or indirect. Any official or employee who has or may have such interest in such measure, indebtedness or action and who participates in discussion with or gives an official opinion to the Township Committee or a Township Committeeman with respect thereto shall disclose on the public records of the Township Committee or agency the nature and extent of such interest.
Any officer or employee who violates any provision of this section or any statute or ordinance relating to conflict of interest shall be deemed guilty of misconduct in office and liable to removal from office therefor. Any officer or employee who shall knowingly permit any provision of this section to be violated by any of his subordinates shall also be guilty of misconduct in office and liable to removal thereof.
Every officer or employee elected or appointed in the Township shall avoid directly or indirectly influencing the hiring or appointment of any close relative to any position or office of the Township.

§ 5-42 Vacancies.

Whenever a vacancy exists in any position, office or department by resignation, removal, disability or otherwise, the Township Committee, upon recommendation by the department head, may fill such vacancy by majority vote.

§ 5-43 Retirement age.

Each appointive officer and employee of the Township, other than a nonpaid member of a purely advisory body, shall retire upon attaining 70 years of age unless he shall have such unique knowledge of his employment that the Township Committee declares by resolution that he should be permitted to continue in his position, provided that he is not required to retire by the provisions of any statute of the State of New Jersey or ordinance of the Township. He shall retain such pension and retirement benefits as may be permitted or provided by statute or ordinance as aforesaid.

§ 5-44 Preservation and inspection of public records.

All the books, maps, papers, accounts, statements, vouchers and other documents whatsoever acquired or produced in any Township department shall be carefully and conveniently filed, kept and preserved and be and remain the sole property of the Township, and shall not at any time be removed from the offices of such department except when required for use in the official business of the Township and shall then be returned to such office without delay. Each Township Committeeman shall be responsible for assuring that the requirements of this section are complied with in respect to his particular office. This section shall be subject to the provisions of the Destruction of Public Records Law (1953) (N.J.S.A. 47:3-15 et seq.).
All such documents and records of the Township shall, during office hours, be open to public search, inspection and examination, subject to and within the limitations prescribed by law, provided that such search, inspection and examination shall not extend to work papers of any department nor to materials prepared for the prosecution or defense by the Township of any legal action or right, and provided that such search, inspection and examination shall be made under such regulations as the officer in whose custody such records, books and documents may be shall establish for the safety and preservation thereof.
Upon the termination of his term of office or the employment of any officer or employee, he shall forthwith deliver to his successor or, if there is no successor, to the Clerk or other person who may be designated by the Township Committee to receive the same, all moneys, papers, books, memorandums, accounts and data of any nature whatever pertaining to his office.

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