Village of Southampton, NY
Suffolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Southampton 6-28-1955. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Brush, obnoxious growth and trash — See Ch. 41.
Garbage, rubbish and refuse — See Ch. 64.
Park and beach regulations — See Ch. 80.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
All firms, corporations and other entities.
[Amended 10-20-2009 by L.L. No. 6-2009]
No person shall cast, throw, place or deposit, or cause to be cast, thrown, placed or deposited, any paper, throwaways, handbills, debris, rubbish, refuse, leaves or other foreign matter in or upon any street, lane, alley or public place in the Village of Southampton.
[Added 10-20-2009 by L.L. No. 6-2009]
During the period of time established by the Superintendent of Public Works for fall pickup of leaves by the Village, the owner of property abutting a public street, or an employee of such owner (but not an independent contractor), may place leaves emanating from such property along the shoulder of such street (but not in the roadway) in long, narrow piles or in biodegradable paper bags.
Section 74-2 shall apply to any person (including an independent contractor) who places leaves on the right-of-way of a public street, except that § 74-2 shall not apply to an abutting landowner or an employee thereof who places leaves pursuant to and in accordance with Subsection A above.
Fall leaf pickup is intended to be for pickup of leaves placed by the abutting landowner or an employee thereof (such as a caretaker employed by the owner to take care of the owner's property) pursuant to and in accordance with Subsection A above, and thus the provisions of Subsection A above are intended to be a limited exception to § 74-2. Fall leaf pickup is not intended to be for pickup of leaves placed by an independent contractor (An independent contractor is expected to dispose of leaves at a disposal site rather than placing leaves on the right-of-way of a public street for pickup by the Village.), and thus the littering prohibition (§ 74-2) is intended to prohibit an independent contractor from placing leaves on the right-of-way of a public street.
No person having permanent quarters on any street shall use or employ the receptacles provided for the public which may be placed along such street, and such persons are hereby required to maintain private receptacles for such discarded material at the rear of their respective properties, which receptacles must conform to the minimum requirements and standards hereinafter set forth and provided.
Such persons shall cause all discarded paper and other material capable of being moved or strewn by wind or other agency to be securely confined in such receptacles so that same shall not be overturned, dumped or otherwise treated in such way as to permit the material therein deposited to escape or fall therefrom.
[Amended 1-29-1982 by L.L. No. 1-1982]
Such persons shall cause such receptacles regularly to be emptied and removed either to the Town Dump or such other place of disposal as shall eliminate permanently said material from the limits of the Village of Southampton.
Said containers must, by reason of their weight or method of anchoring, be sufficient to maintain same in a rigid and upright position and must be equipped with a lid or gate adequately hinged or attached to such receptacle as to permit facility of opening and must be provided with a catch or lock sufficient to secure same in a closed position. Said gate or lid shall be maintained in such closed and securely fastened position at all times except when being filled or emptied.
[Amended 1-29-1982 by L.L. No. 1-1982; 7-11-2002 by L.L. No. 1-2002; 8-13-2020 by L.L. No. 7-2020]
Any person who violates this chapter or fails to comply with any of its requirements shall, upon conviction thereof, be subject to the penalties provided in Article II of Chapter 1 of the Code of the Village of Southampton.