Borough of Downingtown, PA
Chester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Downingtown 8-20-2014 by Ord. No. 2014-07.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.
Planning Commission — See Ch. 61.
Zoning — See Ch. 287.
Editor's Note: Former Ch. 39, Historical and Parks Commission, adopted 12-4-1996 by Ord. No. 96-17, was repealed 2-5-2014 by Ord. No. 2014-03. This ordinance also provided that all authority assigned to the Historical and Parks Commission shall be vested in the Borough Council or Borough staff as directed by Borough Council.
There is hereby established a Commission to be named the "Downingtown Historic Commission."
The purpose of this Commission shall be to assist in the development and maintenance of the historic properties in the Borough, particularly those properties owned by the Borough.
The Historic Commission shall:
Record the history of the Borough.
Maintain an archive of Borough and Borough-related historic documents, photographs, pictures, memorabilia, artifacts, etc.
Take inventory of the historic sites and structures within the Borough and, on occasion, recommend that the Borough Council establish, by ordinance, historic districts and/or sites pursuant to Act No. 167 of June 13, 1961. See 53 P.S. § 8001 et seq.
Recommend appropriate plans and actions concerning historic properties owned by the Borough in order to preserve the historic integrity of the community and review and approve any proposed changes or improvements to Borough-owned historic structures in order to maintain the historic integrity of the structure.
Conduct an annual review of the historic properties owned by the Borough to determine their condition and recommend required maintenance.
The annual review shall include the Log House Property, the Roger Hunt Mill Property and Borough-owned historic properties.
The annual review will address, at a minimum, the following issues: general overview of repair and maintenance needs of the existing facilities and appurtenances, upgrades to existing facilities and appurtenances, sign issues and safety concerns.
The annual historic review shall be performed by July 1 of each year. A report of the historic review findings shall be submitted to the Borough Manager and the Public Works Director not later than August 1 of each year for inclusion with budget preparation.
Develop an annual operating budget for the historic needs, including identified improvements to the Log House and other historic structures owned by the Borough.
Recommend historic projects for consideration in the development of the five-year capital improvements program and annually recommend projects to be added on to the subsequent funding year of the capital improvement program. Such recommendations should accompany the annual park review report submitted to the Borough Manager and Public Works Director not later than August 15 of each year.
Provide events from time to time as deemed appropriate to meet the needs of the citizens of the Borough. Any funds generated by the Commission as a result of special events shall be earmarked for a specific purpose, budget item or capital project. This earmarking will be done prior to the fund-raising event, if at all possible; however, if not earmarked, the money will accrue in a fund for future historic capital projects.
The Commission may at any time establish committees as may be needed to carry out the purposes of the Historic Commission. For any newly established committee, the President shall appoint the chair and the membership of the committee as soon as practicable after the committee is established. For ongoing established committees, the President shall appoint the chair and the membership of each committee every two years as soon as practicable. The Historic Commission or Borough Council may terminate any committee at any time.
[Amended 4-15-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-03]
The Historic Commission shall have five members, with up to two non-Borough residents as voting members. All members shall be appointed by the Borough Council.
Each Commission member shall serve for a term of three years. Upon formation of the Commission, members' terms will be staggered with one one-year term member appointed, two two-year term members appointed, and two three-year term members appointed.
The Commission shall elect a Chairperson who will direct the activities of the Commission, a Vice Chairperson and a Secretary. All officers shall serve yearly. The Commission shall yearly establish its own rules of order.
Borough Manager and/or Council Liaison will attend regular Commission meetings as necessary in an effort to facilitate communication between the Commission, the Borough Council and the Administration. Borough Manager will work with the Commission on researching and applying for available grant moneys.
Public meetings shall be held to conduct the business of the Commission. Meetings shall be held at least quarterly or more frequent as deemed reasonable by the Commission. A report of the preceding year's activities shall be presented to the Borough Council prior to March 1 of each year.