Town of Pleasant Valley, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Pleasant Valley 8-15-2001 by L.L. No. 11-2001. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Zoning — See Ch. 98.

§ 46-1 Permit required.

A driveway permit is required for the construction or relocation of any driveway or other access which enters upon a highway of the Town.
A highway work permit is required to make any improvements within a Town right-of-way.
A permit is not required to resurface an existing driveway.

§ 46-2 Application for permit.

An application for such a permit shall be submitted to the Superintendent of Highways on a form prescribed by him/her.

§ 46-3 Standard requirements for new driveways.

For any driveway created or constructed after the effective date of this chapter, all applicants shall design, lay out and construct such driveway pursuant to the following standard requirements:
The applicant shall furnish all materials and bear all costs of construction within the Town highway right-of-way and shall pay all costs of work done and materials furnished as required to meet the conditions of any permit issued by the Superintendent of Highways.
The maximum width for a single combined entrance and exit shall be not more than 30 feet for residential use, measured at the property line.
The angle of the driveway with respect to the pavement of the highway shall not be less than 60°.
No driveway shall be permitted within 50 feet of any public highway intersection.
All driveways with a grade of 3% or more but less than 6% which are downgradient toward the road shall be paved their first 100 feet from the edge of the highway pavement or the length of the driveway which is downgradient toward the highway, whichever is less.
All driveways with a grade of 6% or more downgradient toward the highway shall be paved for the length of the driveway which is immediately downgradient toward the highway or the first 100 feet, whichever is greater.
No portion of any driveway shall exceed a grade of 15% in either the upgradient or downgradient direction.
Any changes in grade, location or these requirements can be made with the approval of the Superintendent of Highways and the Engineer for the Town.
An unobstructed sight distance of 300 feet minimum to 400 feet maximum, in either direction, to be determined by posted speed limit, shall be required. This shall be measured from a point 12 feet in from the edge of the Town highway.
A macadam apron (butt seam along edge of Town road), 30 feet wide along the Town road, flaring down to a minimum of 12 feet wide by the time it ends at a point at least 20 feet in from the edge of the Town road, is required.
The Superintendent of Highways shall determine if a culvert pipe or a swale shall be required. If a swale is required, it shall be located at the ditch line so water will follow the ditch line and not flow into the Town road. If a culvert pipe is required, it is to be located in the ditch line so as to permit water to flow under the driveway unobstructed.
Roadway and right-of-way must be kept clean of all debris, mud, stone, etc. Any permit may be revoked if the applicant does not comply.
An application may be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance from the requirements of this section.

§ 46-4 Inspections.

Upon completion of any driveway for which a permit is required under this chapter, the Superintendent of Highways shall inspect such driveway for compliance with this chapter. If the driveway is found to be in compliance, the Superintendent of Highways shall issue a written statement to the Zoning Administrator approving such driveway.