Village of Island Park, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The purpose of this policy is to describe rules of conduct applicable to employees.
Conduct that interferes with operations, discredits the Village of Island Park or is offensive or dangerous to others in the workplace is grounds for discipline, whether such conduct is expressly prohibited by or in violation of any applicable rule, policy or directive. Every employee is required to conduct himself or herself in accordance with that general principle and with all applicable rules, policies and directives as well as with all other standards of conduct which a reasonable person would know are expected of someone in the workplace, whether or not such other standards are expressly set forth in any rule, directive or policy. Any noncompliance or violation is grounds for discipline.
The following general rules of conduct apply to all employees. This list is not all-inclusive, but includes examples of unacceptable conduct which will be grounds for discipline.
All employees are expected to perform assigned tasks efficiently and safely and in accord with applicable quality standards and safety requirements.
All employees are expected to comply with the attendance control policy and every directive to the employee from the Village of Island Park or from any authorized supervisor or manager, including any written memo, posting or other advisement to employees.
All employees are expected to treat visitors, employees, managers, supervisors, and others in the workplace with courtesy and respect.
The following conduct is prohibited:
Dishonesty, including falsifying or altering any document, record, or report relating to the Village of Island Park and/or relating to employment, such as a time card, employment application, medical report, or expense reimbursement request and including providing false or misleading information and/or failing to provide truthful and complete information in connection with any investigation;
Failure to observe starting, quitting, and/or break times;
Careless workmanship;
Violation of any security rule or any health, safety or environmental rule, or violation of any other applicable rule;
Smoking in any area not designated for smoking;
Working for a competitor or competing with the interests of the Village of Island Park;
Excessive and/or unexcused absenteeism and/or tardiness;
Job abandonment, including failure to report for work after an approved absence or leave of absence;
Theft or attempted theft of, misappropriation of, or willful damage to the property of the Village of Island Park or the property of another person or entity at the workplace;
Distribution, transfer, sale, possession or consumption at the workplace or otherwise on the property of the Village of Island Park of alcohol, an intoxicant, or a controlled substance which has not been prescribed for the one in possession, the recipient, or the one consuming;
Reporting for work, being under the influence or intoxicated at work, or being impaired at work due to the use of alcohol, an intoxicant or a controlled substance;
Threatening, intimidating, coercing, abusing, or interfering with a supervisor, manager, independent contractor, supplier, visitor or co-employee, either by words or action;
Violation of the harassment policy;[1]
Editor's Note: See Art. III of this chapter.
Fighting or assault;
Sleeping on the job;
Unauthorized possession of any firearm, weapon, or explosive at the workplace or on property of the Village of Island Park or at any function of the Village of Island Park;
Unauthorized disclosure of any confidential information relating to the employee's employment;
Violation of any criminal law or any other offense involving moral turpitude;
Failure to report any accident, misconduct, or rule violation to the appropriate representative of the Village of Island Park or failing to cooperate with and/or failing to provide information requested in connection with any investigation; and
Receiving or soliciting a bribe or other similar improper payment or services.