Borough of Mountain Lakes, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 88-7 Construction code fees.

The fee for a construction permit shall be the sum of the applicable subcode fees hereinafter set forth and shall be paid before the permit is issued. All fees shall be paid through the Borough construction official.
Building subcode fee. The building subcode fee shall be as provided in § 111-3B.
Plumbing subcode fee. The plumbing subcode fees shall be set forth in § 111-3B.
Electrical subcode fee. The electrical subcode fee, as provided in § 111-3B, shall be payable to the Borough together with any and all fees which shall be duly established from time to time by the on-site inspection agency.
Fire protection subcode fee. The fire protection subcode fees shall be as set forth in § 111-3B.

§ 88-8 Plan review.

The fee for plan review, as set forth in § 111-3B, shall be paid before the plans are reviewed. The amount paid for this fee shall be credited toward the amount of the fee to be charged for the construction permit.

§ 88-9 Signs.

The fee for a permit to construct a sign shall be as set forth in § 111-3B. In case of double-faced signs, the area of one side shall be used for the purpose of fee computation.

§ 88-10 Certificate of occupancy.

Fees for certificates of occupancy shall be as provided in § 111-3B.

§ 88-11 Elevators.

The fee for the installation and inspection of elevators shall be as set forth in § 111-3B.
Inspection of an elevator, dumbwaiter, or conveyor equipment shall be in accordance with the regulations as set forth in Article 16, Building Subcode.

§ 88-12 Biannual fee schedule report required.

The construction official shall, with the advice of the subcode officials, prepare and submit to the Manager, biannually, a report recommending a fee schedule based on the operating expenses of the agency, and any other expenses of the Borough fairly attributable to the enforcement of the State Uniform Construction Code.

§ 88-13 Surcharge for new construction.

In order to provide for the training, certification, and technical support programs required by the Uniform Construction Code, the regulations promulgated thereunder specified a surcharge fee to be remitted to the Bureau of Housing Inspection, Department of Community Affairs, on a quarterly basis for the fiscal quarter ending September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30, and not later than one month next succeeding the end of the quarter for which it is due. In the fiscal year in which the regulations first become effective, the fee shall be collected and remitted for the third and fourth quarters only. The surcharge fee shall be as provided in § 111-3B.

§ 88-14 Annual report to Bureau of Housing Inspection.

The enforcing agency shall report annually at the end of each fiscal year to the Bureau of Housing Inspection, and not later than July 31, the total amount of the surcharge fee collected in the fiscal year.