Village of Montebello, NY
Rockland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Montebello 4-25-1988 by L.L. No. 36-1988. Amendments noted where applicable.]
It shall be unlawful, without obtaining a license from the Village Clerk-Treasurer, for any person, firm of corporation, either as owner, tenant or agent, to run, operate or maintain in the Village of Montebello, a hotel, inn, boardinghouse, lodging house, association, club, or any building or part of a building used in the business of renting rooms or furnishing meals with accommodations for more boarders or roomers than allowed as of right in a single-family dwelling as set forth in the Chapter 195, Zoning, of the Village of Montebello, as amended.
All applications for licenses or renewals thereof shall be made in writing, in duplicate, containing the information called for, on forms furnished by the Village Building Inspector, and shall be sworn to by the applicant or his or its duly authorized agent or representative.
No license shall be issued or renewed except after the application has been investigated and the premises inspected by the Building Inspector and except where the applicant keeps and maintains, and agrees during the term of the license to keep and maintain in the entrance hall, lobby or reception room, a bound register, with pages numbered consecutively, in which shall be plainly written, in the English language.
The name of each guest spending the night or taking a room;
The permanent residence of said guest;
The hour of the day, month and year at which such guest arrived and departed from the premises in question and the number of the room assigned to such guest.
No license shall be issued or renewed for a longer period than one year and all licenses shall expire on December 31 of each year. All applications, properly filled out, must be filed at least 30 days before applicant intends to commence operations.
Fees for the issue of a license hereunder or subsequent renewals thereof shall be as set forth in the Schedule of Fees of the Village of Montebello.[1]
Editor's Note: The Schedule of Fees is on file in the Village Clerk-Treasurer's office.
No license shall be issued except where the applicant has satisfied the Building Inspector, after inspection by him, that toilet and sewerage facilities are adequate and proper for taking care of the number of guests for which the applicant proposes to take out a license, and that an adequate supply of potable and wholesome drinking water is at all times available, and hot water for bathing and dish washing; also that the building is structurally safe and properly protected from fire, and that the rooms are adequate as to size and ventilation.
Any and all licenses or renewals thereof issued hereunder may be revoked by resolution of the Village Board upon proof being made to its satisfaction that any of the terms and conditions under which such license is issued have been violated, or that any statements made in the application are false. In case of revocation no license fee will be returned. Before the Village Board revokes any such license, it will be required to give the licensee five days' notice of a hearing, which notice may be served by mail on the licensee at the address designated in the application upon which the license or renewal was issued. Where a license has once been revoked no further license for the same premises shall be issued until the owner or owners of said premises satisfy the Village Board that the cause of revocation of said license has been removed and that said premises in the future can and will be operated in compliance therewith.
All licenses issued hereunder must be permanently displayed under glass over the desk or table where the register is kept.
Every violation of this chapter shall be punished by a fine of $200 for each offense. Each day that the premises are operated in violation of this chapter constitutes a separate and distinct offense, requiring the payment of a separate, additional fine.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. III).
In addition to the penalty above provided, the Village Board also ordains that a violation of this chapter shall constitute disorderly conduct and that the person violating the same shall be a disorderly person.
The Village Board may also enforce obedience to this chapter and restrain violations thereof by injunction and may proceed against all violators hereof by any and every other means or method provided by law, although not herein specifically referred to.
This chapter supersedes, and is in derogation of, Chapter 224 of the Code of the Town of Ramapo, County of Rockland, State of New York. This chapter is enacted by authority of § 20, Subdivision 5, of the Municipal Home Rule Law and any other law referenced herein as authority herefor.