Town of North Branford, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of North Branford 8-14-1979 as Ord. No. 137, effective 9-14-1979. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The Library Board of the Town of North Branford is created by § C5-1G of the Charter. The Board consists of nine (9) members, each appointed for a term of six (6) years. As the initial term expires, the Council shall appoint three (3) members to full terms every other year.
In the event that a vacancy occurs as a result of the removal, resignation or death of a Board member, the Council shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired portion of the term of such member.
The Council may remove a member of the Board for due cause. The Council shall remove any member of the Board if such member has absented himself from all meetings of the Board for a period of three (3) consecutive months without due cause. In either case, the Council shall give written notice to such member of its intent to remove and the reasons therefor. Any member receiving such notice may elect a public hearing thereon by giving notice of such election to the Clerk of the Council not less than ten (10) days after receipt thereof.
No person shall be appointed to the Board unless the appointee is an elector of the Town of North Branford. The Council shall appoint at least one (1) Board member from the rolls of each major political party. The Council shall not appoint more than five (5) members from the rolls of any one (1) political party. This provision shall not preclude the appointment to the Board by the Council of any person who is not a member of any political party.
The Board shall hold at least ten (10) regular meetings each year. Within sixty (60) days of the enactment of this chapter, the Board shall elect one (1) of its members to serve as its Chairman and one (1) member to serve as its Treasurer. Thereafter, elections of officers shall occur annually during the month of January. The Board may also elect such other officers as it may require. The Board may adopt bylaws detailing therein the duties of its officers, committees and any other rules of order not inconsistent with the Charter, this chapter and laws of the State of Connecticut.
The Board shall have charge of all real and personal property of the town used for library purposes. The Board shall make such rules and regulations as it may deem proper for the management, protection and preservation of the property set aside, owned or controlled by the Town of North Branford specifically for library purposes.
Members shall serve without pay, except that any member may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the course and scope of the performance of duties provided for herein.
The Board shall perform the following specific duties:
It shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Manager in the appointment of the Library Director, which appointment shall be made in accordance with the merit system.
It shall annually submit a proposed budget of the Library Department on forms and in the style required by the Town Manager.
It shall annually submit a report of the activities of the Library Department to the Town Manager for inclusion with the town's annual report.
It shall have sole and exclusive authority for the purchase of all books, publications and subscriptions for periodical literature or nonprint material to be held in the library collection of the free public libraries of the Town of North Branford.
It shall have sole and exclusive authority to propose the use of private funds now held or hereafter donated to the Town of North Branford for public library purposes. Such proposals shall be submitted to the Town Manager in the Board's annual budget or as an additional library appropriation as provided in this chapter.
It shall have authority to accept, on behalf of the Town of North Branford, all gifts or donations of books, periodicals or other tangible personal property.
The Town Treasurer shall deposit and hold, as a separate fund, any donations or funds intended for the benefit of the library system of the Town of North Branford that are received from any source. Twice each year, in January and July, the Town Treasurer shall provide a statement of account to the Board detailing the amount held in such fund or account, the interest earned thereon and total authorized withdrawals made therefrom during the period since the last statement of account.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I.
All proposals for the expenditure of private funds donated or given to the Town of North Branford or either of its libraries at any time for library purposes shall be contained within the annual budget of the Library Department and approved by the annual town budget meeting or may be proposed at any time by the Board in writing to the Manager as an additional library appropriation. Such additional appropriations may be approved by a resolution of the Council only after receiving a recommendation from the Manager and upon certification of the Town Treasurer, in writing, that there is available an unencumbered and unappropriated cash balance of such private funds to satisfy such proposed additional library appropriation. The Board shall submit all requests for additional library appropriations to the Town Manager. If the Council fails to approve or disapprove a proposed additional library appropriation within sixty (60) days after receipt by the Manager, such failure to act shall constitute approval of the Board's additional appropriation request. The expenditure of private funds held exclusively for library purposes is prohibited unless the appropriation is contained within the Library Department's annual budget or is approved by the Council as an additional library appropriation as provided herein.
The Library Director shall be appointed by the Town Manager in accordance with the provisions of the merit system of the Town of North Branford. The Chairman or other representative of the Library Board shall review with the Manager the qualifications of candidates for the post of Library Director and shall participate in the final screening of the candidates for that post. The Manager shall review the qualifications of the person he has chosen with the full Library Board.
All appointments within the Library Department shall be made in accordance with the merit system.[2]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I.
Editor's Note: Former § 4-12, Transitional provisions, which immediately followed this section, was deleted at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I.