Town of North Branford, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Parks and Recreation Commission shall have control and jurisdiction over all parks, playgrounds and recreational centers and areas and other places which have previously, or may in the future, be dedicated to the purpose of parks or public recreation in the Town of North Branford excepting, therefrom, all buildings, lands, apparatus and other property used for school purposes, pursuant to Sections 10-220 and 10-240 of the Connecticut General Statutes.
The Parks and Recreation Commission of the Town of North Branford shall consist of five members appointed by the Town Council, pursuant to the Charter of the Town of North Branford.[1]
Editor's Note: See Article V, § C5-1K, of the Charter.
Any vacancy in the membership of the Commission shall be filled for the unexpired portion of such vacant term by appointment of the Town Council.
In addition to being subject to removal, as provided in the Town Charter, any member may be removed for cause by the Town Council only after public hearing. Any such request for public hearing shall be in writing and shall be submitted to the Clerk of the Council within 10 days following notification of the Council's intent to remove.
The Commission shall elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary. The Commission shall hold one regular meeting each calendar month. The Chairperson, or any two members, may call a special meeting at such other times and dates as the duties of the Commission may require. The Commission may adopt bylaws not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter.
A meeting for the election of officers shall be held on the third Monday in January.
The members of the Commission shall receive no compensation for their services, but shall be reimbursed for the necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their office and duties.
The Commission shall:
Be authorized to adopt rules and regulations beyond those stated herein governing the use of town parks and recreational facilities. No such additional rule or regulation shall become effective until after a public hearing by the Commission. The rules and regulations shall ensure the reasonable use of parks and recreational facilities within the town at such times and places that will provide maximum use by the public without interference with the public peace and safety and with benefit for the greatest number.
Be responsible for approving or disapproving the uses of town parks and recreational fields for use by various sports groups and other groups that may want to use town parks and fields. The Commission shall work and coordinate with the Board of Education on fields and/or facilities under the Board of Education's jurisdiction.
Be responsible for recreational programs and policies for the benefit of town residents. The Commission may assess and collect fees for programs it deems necessary.
Be responsible for overseeing any recreational property, recreational building or recreational equipment owned by the town.
Follow the Town Charter for budget submission, purchases and expenditures. Annually, the Commission shall make recommendations to the Town Manager for proposed recreational capital expenditures.
Serve as a consultant to the Town Manager in the exercise of the Town Manager's appointment authority of all full-time personnel in the field of recreation.
The Commission will participate in the planning and development of any projects concerning town parks or recreational facilities. The Commission will serve as a consultant to the Town Manager on overseeing said projects to completion.
The Commission will serve as a consultant to the Town Manager regarding maintenance, planning and upkeep of all public parks, open spaces and any public buildings it uses in connection therewith. The Commission shall have first priority use of school buildings and grounds, provided that such usage does not interfere with school activities under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education.
Adopt rules and bylaws for the ordinary transactions of the Commission's business.
The Commission shall annually prepare and transmit to the Town Council a report of its activities and of its recommendations. Such report shall be received by the Council no later than the last day of July of each year.
The Commission shall file with the Town Manager not less than 120 days before the end of each fiscal year on forms prescribed by the Town Manager detailed estimates or proposed expenditures to be made at the request of the Commission for the ensuing fiscal year.
No town board or commission or the Town Council shall substantially modify, abandon, sell or lease any park, playground or recreational area until the proposal to take such action has been referred to the Parks and Recreation Commission for a report. No cluster-design subdivision or other open space subdivision proposal submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission to encourage the promotion of farmland, forest land, open space, recreation and/or other public purposes shall be approved without first referring such subdivision application to the Parks and Recreation Commission for a report. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the failure of the Parks and Recreation Commission to file a report within a reasonable time, as provided by the referring board or commission or the Town Council, or the filing of a report disapproving the proposal or subdivision application shall, in no way, prevent the referring board or commission or the Town Council from taking such action as to approve such proposal or subdivision application.