Township of Allegheny, PA
Westmoreland County
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Classification of subdivision. Whenever any subdivision of land or land development is proposed, before any contact is made for the sale of any part thereof and before any permit for the erection of a structure in such proposed subdivision or land development shall be granted, the owner, or his authorized agent, shall apply for and secure approval of such proposed subdivision or land development in accordance with the following procedures for subdivision and land development.
To assist the applicant in determining the required documentation to be submitted, a summary checklist is available at the office of the Allegheny Township Supervisors during normal business hours, by mail request at the current Township address, by fax request at the current Township fax number, by phone request at the current Township phone number or by e-mail request at current Township e-mail address. Additionally, a list of procedures is available in the same manner.
Preliminary considerations.
Grading; recording deeds. No person, firm or corporation proposing to make or having made a subdivision within the area or jurisdiction of these regulations shall proceed with any grading for roads or alleys before obtaining from the Planning Commission the approval of the preliminary plat of the proposed subdivision, and no deeds shall be recorded for the lots in any subdivision before obtaining from the Planning Commission the approval of the final plat of the proposed subdivision.
Conformity with Master Plan. The layout of the proposed subdivision shall be in general conformity with the Long-Range Strategic Plan of the Township.
Access; drainage; geology. No land shall be subdivided for residential use:
Unless adequate access to the land over adequate streets or thoroughfares exists or will be provided by the subdivider; or
If such land is considered by the Planning Commission to be unsuitable for such use by reason of flooding or improper drainage, objectionable earth and rock formation, topography or any other feature harmful to the health and safety of possible residents and the community as a whole.
Proof of ownership. No person, firm or corporation shall submit a subdivision plan pursuant to the terms of this chapter without including thereon a certification as to the name of every owner of every part of the land which is the subject of the subdivision together with the Westmoreland County Deed Book volume and page reference by which the named owner or owners took title.
Advisory. In order to make the most of the opportunities related to the subdivision and to conserve time, effort and expense, the owner or subdivider should consult with the Planning Commission, the Engineer and other relevant public officials prior to the preparation of the tentative plan of the subdivision. This informal review should prevent unnecessary and costly revisions. The plan should be revised to determine how the proposed subdivision will fit into the Long-Range Strategic Plan of the Township. Requirements for thoroughfares; school and recreational sites; shopping centers; community facilities; sanitation; water supply and drainage; and relationship to other developments, existing and proposed, in the vicinity, should be determined in advance of the preparation of the subdivision plat. A thorough estimate of the situation will result in sound decisions with respect to the form, character and extent of the proposed subdivision.
Official filing date.
For the purpose of these regulations, the official filing date shall be the date of the regular meeting of the Planning Commission next following the date upon which a complete application and plans are received in the office of the Township Manager, Township Building, provided that, should said regular meeting occur more than 30 days following the submission of the application, the official filing date shall be the 30th day following the day the application has been submitted.
Upon receipt of a complete application and set of plans for subdivision or land development approval, the Planning Commission Secretary, or the Secretary's designated agent, shall affix to the application the official filing date.
County Planning Commission review. All plans shall be submitted to and reviewed by the County Planning Commission in accordance with its then prevailing rules and regulations. The Township shall forward to the subdivider a copy of any report of the County Planning Commission. The Township Manager shall mail a copy of the preliminary plan to the County Planning Commission forthwith upon filing by a developer.
Review and inspection fees shall include the reasonable and customary charges by the Township's professional consultants or Engineer for review and report to the Township regarding subdivision and land development plans and inspections and other work relating to such plans. Such review and inspection fees shall be reasonable and in accordance with the ordinary and customary charges by the professional consultant or Engineer for similar service in the community and shall be set by resolution. Review and inspection fees shall be imposed in accordance with Sections 503 and 510(g) of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.[1] The applicant will be billed by the Township for all engineering and attorney review fees, as those fees are the obligation of the applicant.
Editor's Note: See 53 P.S. §§ 10503 and 10510, Subdivision (g).