Town of Barre, MA
Worcester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Public Documents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town of Barre Board of Selectmen 12-7-1998. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Animals — See Ch. 11.
Animal regulations — See Ch. 80.
Zoning — See Ch. 140.

§ 401-1 Effect on Animal Bylaw.

This policy shall not be confused with or conflict with any portion the Town of Barre Animal Control Bylaw previously adopted by Town Meeting.[1]
Editor's Note: See Ch. 11, Animals.

§ 401-2 Road-injured animals complaint procedure.

Calls or complaints received regarding road injured or killed animals are to be handled in the following manner:
The Police Department shall notify the Animal Control Officer also known as the "Dog Officer" whenever a report is received regarding injured dogs or cats on a public way. The Animal Control Officer or her designee shall retrieve the animal and provide for its treatment until the owner may be determined.
If the dog or cat has been killed, and the incident occurs during normal business hours, the dispatcher on duty shall notify the Barre Department of Public Works which shall remove the animal from the roadway and dispose of it properly. If the incident occurs at times when the Department of Public Works is not working, the police officer on duty shall remove the carcass to the side of the roadway so it will not interfere with motor vehicle traffic. The carcass will remain to the side of the roadway until the Department of Public Works can remove the carcass and dispose of it properly during its normal workday. It shall be the responsibility of the dispatcher to see to it that the Department of Public Works is notified of the incident in a manner consistent with other notification procedures during off hours.
To help identify owners of dogs and cats, the Town Clerk shall provide the Police Department with a list of all licensed dogs and cats.
At the time the injured or killed dog or cat is retrieved, the dispatcher on duty shall be provided with a detailed description of the dog or cat, the location of the incident, and tag information, if any.

§ 401-3 Other wildlife injured or killed in roadways.

If the injured or killed animal is not a dog or cat, the Wildlife Animal Control Officer shall be notified. The Wildlife Animal Control Officer shall be responsible for the capture, removal, euthanization and quarantine of wild and domestic animals.
The Wildlife Animal Control Officer has the authority to destroy skunks, raccoons, bats, foxes, opossums or woodchucks in certain cases. Other wildlife shall be the responsibility of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife or a licensed problem animal control person.
Injured or killed deer shall be reported to the Wildlife Control Officer who shall follow procedures set forth by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. In the event the Wildfire Control Officer cannot be reached, the Massachusetts Environmental Police shall be notified.