Town of Forestburgh, NY
Sullivan County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Forestburgh 8-1-2019 by L.L. No. 3-2019.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction — See Ch. 68.
Unsafe buildings — See Ch. 74.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 129.
Subdivision of land — See Ch. 148.
Editor’s Note: This local law also repealed former Ch. 72, Buildings, Numbering of, adopted 7-3-2003 by L.L. No. 3-2003.
Sullivan County, New York, has implemented an enhanced 911 telephone system whereby an individual will be able to dial a 911 telephone number in the event of an emergency for emergency personnel response. A Town-wide uniform numbering system of all buildings will assist emergency personnel in responding efficiently and quickly to an emergency. It is, therefore, in the best interest of the public health, safety and welfare of the Town of Forestburgh to enact this chapter.
Furthermore, due to the uniquely heavily forested and rural nature of the Town and the Town-wide, non-uniform street lighting, the numbering of buildings is a matter of unique local concern and public safety. As such, the specifications in this chapter and section are necessary for the health, well-being and public safety of residents with respect to the numbering of all residential properties throughout the Town of Forestburgh in the manner consistent with this chapter.
As used in this chapter, the following term(s) shall have the meanings indicated:
The physical property address which has been authorized and approved by the E-911 Coordinator or his/her designee.
The principal building or buildings on each lot, and shall not include any accessory building.
The duly appointed Building Inspector for the Town of Forestburgh.
A way or place used for vehicular travel with no outlet.
The individual designated by Sullivan County 911 to coordinate emergency services for Sullivan County.
Every way or place in private ownership and used for vehicular travel by the owner and those having express or implied permission from the owner, but not by other persons.
The street designated in the property address.
The E-911 Coordinator and, in the absence of the E-911 Coordinator, the Building Inspector shall be authorized to decide which building or buildings on any particular lot shall be numbered.
The E-911 Coordinator and, in the absence of the E-911 Coordinator, his/her designee at Sullivan County, shall designate separate numbers for buildings which have no designated street number, and they shall also have the authority to redesignate numbers for buildings when deemed necessary.
Any property owner aggrieved by the determination of the E-911 Coordinator or his/her designee may seek review of that determination by Sullivan County upon a written request to Sullivan County Real Property Tax Services setting forth the reasons for seeking such review.
It shall be the duty of every owner and/or every occupant/tenant of a building in the Town of Forestburgh to cause to be displayed thereon the street number of said building on a post or mailbox. The post or mailbox may only be used for the purposes of this chapter if it is stationed on the same side of the street as the building premises for which the number is intended. At all times the owner and/or occupant/tenant of a building shall maintain such number in compliance with provisions of this chapter.
Residential properties (noncommercial). The approved address shall be displayed by numbers which are not less than three inches in height with a minimum stroke-width of 0.5 inch. The address number shall be posted on the driveway side of the property within 10 feet of either side of the driveway and within five feet of the road surface. The address numbers shall be reflective white on a blue reflective background. The numbers shall be mounted on a post or other structure and placed between five feet and six feet in height. The numbers shall be mounted, vertically, as opposed to horizontally, in a prominent and conspicuous place and in such a manner as to be plainly visible from both directions of the street when approaching said building at all times. At no time shall the address number be placed on any door be it front, side, garage or on any other building surface.
Commercial property (nonresidential). The criteria shall be the same for commercial property as in Subsection A above, except that the numbers shall be at least six inches in height in the case of numbering commercial (nonresidential) buildings.
Addresses containing four digits or more shall, notwithstanding the above, display numbers which are not less than three inches in height with a minimum stroke-width of 0.5 inch, in addition to all of the requirements otherwise set forth in this chapter.
In all cases, the numbers shall be so placed that they may be seen from either direction while driving on the road or street, and they shall not be obstructed from road view by trees, shrubbery, porches or other extensions of the building, or shoveled or plowed snow.
Wherever practicable, said number shall be placed near some light or source of illumination so that it may be readily seen at night.
Where the front of the building on which the number is to be displayed is more than 20 feet from the edge of the street of address of the street or road serving the building, the number shall, in addition to the other requirements of this chapter, be displayed on a post, mailbox or other structure visible from the street within 20 feet from the edge of said street and stationed on the same side of the street as the building or premises for which it is intended.
In the event that more than one house has access from a single driveway, a street number of the house must be displayed at each location at which the driveway access diverges from the common access.
The display of any house number other than the number authorized or assigned by the E-911 Coordinator or Building Inspector is expressly prohibited.
Private road signs. Private road signs must be erected and maintained by the property owner or owners of said road. Private road signs must have white lettering on a blue background. Newly created private roads must have a road name approved by the Town's Planning Board, Highway Superintendent and E-911 Coordinator (if required) prior to subdivision approval and, prior to approval, the Planning Board and the owner must notify the Town's Highway Superintendent, Town Building Inspector, appropriate Fire Department, any law enforcement agency serving the area, local Ambulance Corps and school bus garage of the new road name and location.
Dead-end road signs. In addition to maintaining a sign at each residence in compliance with this chapter, there shall be a sign at the entrance to the dead-end road listing the address numbers of the houses or nonresidential properties served by said dead-end road. Said number heights and specifications shall be in compliance with the requirements of § 72-6C above.
Noncompliance deemed a violation. Any person, corporation, partnership, or other entity owning a building within the Town of Forestburgh failing or neglecting to place the proper designated number on said building for 60 or more days after the initial notice from his/her/its respective post office of the 911 number shall be deemed in violation of this chapter.
Nonmaintenance deemed a violation. Any person, corporation, partnership, or other entity owning a building within the Town of Forestburgh failing to maintain house numbers in a manner as provided herein shall be deemed in violation of this chapter.
Any person, corporation, partnership or other entity owning property on a private road within the Town of Forestburgh who fails to erect and maintain a private road sign as provided herein shall be deemed in violation of this chapter.
Service of notice. The notice provided for herein may be given by personal service or by certified mailing to the last known address of the owner as shown on the last assessment roll on file in the Assessor's office of the Town of Forestburgh.
Numbering of building by Town. In the event of the failure, neglect or refusal of any owner and/or occupant/tenant, after notice, to cause said building to be properly numbered, the Building Inspector of the Town of Forestburgh shall cause said building to be properly numbered.
Report; assessment of costs. The Building Inspector shall report the cost of numbering said building to the Town Board, and such Board shall order said cost assessed as a lien against the property of the owner and collected in the same manner as other Town taxes.
Any person, corporation, partnership or other entity violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction, be punishable by a fine not to exceed $250. Each calendar week or portion thereof that said violation continues shall be deemed a separate violation.