Township of Caln, PA
Chester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of Caln Township 5-27-2004 by Ord. No. 2004-14. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building Construction — See Ch. 59.
Energy conservation — See Ch. 79.
Fire prevention — See Ch. 83.
Mechanical standards — See Ch. 98.
Plumbing — See Ch. 114.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 120.
Residential standards — See Ch. 122.
Zoning — See Ch. 155.
The Board of Commissioners of Caln Township hereby adopts the International Electrical Code - Administrative Provisions, 2003 Edition, as now and as hereafter supplemented, reissued, amended and revised as published by the International Code Council, Inc. Not fewer than three copies of the International Electrical Code, 2003 Edition, are filed in the Department of Code Enforcement, and the same is hereby adopted and incorporated as fully as if set out at length herein.
The following amendments, additions, deletions, and changes are hereby made to the ICC Electrical Code, 2003 Edition:
Section 101.1 shall be amended by the deletion of the words, "[NAME OF JURISDICTION]" and the replacement thereof with "Caln Township."
Section 202 shall be amended by deleting the definition of "approved agency" and replacing it with the following definition:
"APPROVED ELECTRICAL INSPECTION AGENT — An individual or entity that has been licensed and certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to perform electrical inspections."
Section 301.1 shall be amended to state as follows:
"301.1. Enforcement Agency. The Department of Code Enforcement shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of the provisions of this Code. The Township and its Code Officials shall not perform any electrical inspections, but instead shall rely on an approved electrical inspection agent to perform such electrical inspections."
Section 302.5 shall be amended to state as follows:
"302.5. Inspections.
An approved electrical inspection agent shall inspect the premises in which electrical work was performed pursuant to this Code and issue a certification to the Township that such work was performed in accordance with this Code.
No electrical work shall be concealed unless and until it has been inspected and approved by an approved electrical inspection agent. In addition, upon completion of the installation of any electrical work, an approved electrical inspection agent shall make a final inspection.
All decisions made to determine whether or not the proposed electrical work complies with the provisions of this Code shall be made by the approved electrical inspection agent.
All electrical inspections shall be made promptly and diligently by the approved electrical inspection agent. The approved electrical inspection agent, upon completion of such inspection, shall issue to the Code Official a duplicate record of approval of any inspection or inspections showing compliance with the provisions of this Code.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, in addition to the inspections provided for and made by an approved electrical inspection agent, the Code Official may make or cause to be made such additional inspection or inspections, either by himself or herself or his or her duly authorized agents, as he or she shall deem necessary to ensure that all electrical work conforms to the provisions of this Code.
The approved electrical inspection agent or the Code Official shall have the power to stop any and all electrical work and order the removal thereof when either determines that such work is not in conformity with the provisions of this Code. Pursuant to that power, an approved electrical inspection agent making inspection of any electrical work shall immediately, but in no event later than 48 hours after such inspection, notify the Code Official of any work that is not being installed or has not been installed in conformity with the provisions hereof. When, in his discretion, such approved electrical inspection agent determines an emergency to exist with respect to any electrical installation, he shall order that all such electrical installation shall cease forthwith and shall direct that all improper electrical work shall be immediately corrected and the same reinspected before further electrical installation continues. Concurrently with such determination, the approved electrical inspection agent shall notify the Code Official. Thereafter, such improperly installed electrical work shall not be utilized or activated in any manner until further inspection by the approved electrical inspection agent is made and approval thereof given."
Section 401.3 shall be amended by adding the following exemptions:
Minor repair work, such as but not limited to the replacement of a receptacle, switch or lighting fixture, the cost for which, including materials and labor, does not exceed $250.
The connection of any portable electrical appliance to any permanently installed electrical receptacle.
Equipment installed or work performed by or for a public utility operating under authority granted by the Public Utility Commission of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania."
Section 404.2 shall be amended to state as follows:
"Section 404.2. Permit fees. The fee for the permit for electrical work shall be based on the total valuation of the electrical work and shall be paid in accordance with the fee schedule approved and adopted by the Board of Commissioners which schedule shall be on file with the Township Secretary. The fee schedule shall be reviewed and revised as necessary by the Board of Commissioners."
Section 1003.1 shall be amended to state as follows:
"1003.1 Penalties. Any person who shall violate a provision of this Code or shall fail to comply with any of the requirements thereof or who shall erect, construct, alter or repair a building or structure in violation of an approved plan or directive of the Code Official or of a permit or use and occupancy permit issued under the provisions of this Code shall be guilty of a summary offense, punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000 per day plus costs and attorney's fees and upon default of the payment of the fine and costs, imprisonment not exceeding 30 days. Each day that a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense."