City of Parsons, KS
Labette County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Commission of the City of Parsons as §§ 1-307, 1-501, 1-1001 and 1-1002 of the 1963 Code (Ch. 2, Art. III of the 1985 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Boards, commissions and committees — See Ch. 20.
Elections — See Ch. 55.
Governing body — See Ch. 82.
[Amended 3-2-1987 by Ord. No. 5434]
The following City officers shall, before entering upon the duties of their respective offices, give a good and sufficient surety company bond to the City, approved by their respective governing body, conditioned upon their faithful performance and discharge of their respective duties as required of them by law and ordinance, in the following amounts:
City Treasurer: $250,000.
State law references — Manager to give bond, K.S.A. § 12-1013; bond of treasurer, K.S.A. § 13-526a.
[Added 2-22-1983 by Ord. No. 5283]
The officers and employees of the Police Department and Fire Department, and all officers and employees who have a responsibility to be subject to service during emergencies, shall reside in the area specified in a map known as the "Employee Residency Boundary Map" as established by the City Manager.[1]
Editor's Note: Original § 2-33, Employee benefits contribution fund, which immediately followed this section and was added 4-19-1982 by Ord. No. 5257, was repealed 6-18-1990 by Ord. No. 5527. See now Ch. 75, Funds, Art. III, Employee Benefits Contribution Fund.
The City hereby extends the benefits of Title II of the Federal Social Security Act in conformity with law, in accordance with and under the terms of the plan agreed to by the governing body on May 28, 1951, and the officers and employees of the City shall comply with and perform all the requirements of the plan.
State law reference — Authority to provide social security coverage for employees, K.S.A. § 13-1497a.
All appointed officers and employees of the City shall have such functions as may be provided for by law, ordinance or the City Manager.
It shall be the duty of the City Treasurer to receive and keep all money belonging to the City and to pay out the same on combination warrants and checks issued as provided by § 67-1 of this Code. All money belonging to the City and received by any officer or agent thereof from collections, fines or any other source whatsoever shall be deposited with the City Treasurer daily. The City Treasurer shall make deposits daily of all such sums received by him as such Treasurer. The City Treasurer shall also keep a separate account of each fund and shall credit each account with the funds received therefor and charge each account with the amount legally paid out therefrom, and no money shall be paid out of any one fund for any object or purpose other than that for which the fund was created. He shall also cause to be published quarterly statements as required by K.S.A. § 12-1608. He shall have such other duties as may be required by the laws of the state and the ordinances of the City or as directed by the City Manager.
[Added 2-19-1990 by Ord. No. 5517]
To enable the City of Parsons to attract and retain in its employment persons of competence and to provide a means for supplementing the retirement benefits of City employees, the City of Parsons hereby elects to join and participate in the Kansas Public Employees Deferred Compensation Plan, as authorized by K.S.A. §§ 75-5529a and 75-5529b.
There is hereby established a City Deferred Compensation Committee, which shall consist of a minimum of three officers and employees of the City. The City Manager shall be a member and Chairperson of the Committee. The City Clerk or Finance Director shall be a member and Secretary of the Committee. The remaining member(s) shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall serve until replaced by a new appointee.
The City Clerk is hereby charged with the duties of serving as local administrator of the plan and shall provide forms to all City employees to specify the amount of any compensation voluntarily deferred, make appropriate reduction from the gross compensation of such employees, transfer to the Aetna Company the amount so deferred in accordance with the conditions established under the Plan Joinder Agreement, and serve as Secretary of the Deferred Compensation Committee established in Subsection B.
The City of Parsons, being authorized to become a joint contract owner with the State of Kansas of the group annuity contract issued by Aetna Life Insurance and Annuity Company, in conjunction with the Kansas Public Employees Deferred Compensation Plan, hereby authorizes and approves execution of a Plan Joinder Agreement and a Contract Joinder Agreement to implement a Deferred Compensation Plan. Such agreements shall be signed by the Mayor.
The City Clerk shall periodically cause an accounting to be made to each employee participating in the City's Deferred Compensation Plan of the amount contributed and such other information as may be required by the Committee. The City shall not be responsible for any loss incurred by an employee under the City's Deferred Compensation Plan adopted and approved by this section.
The City Manager shall create departments and assign directors for the purpose of the administration of the affairs of the City. Said directors shall have such powers and duties as provided by law or ordinance or as directed by the City Manager.
Editor's Note: Added at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II).