Harford County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No person shall operate a pet shop without possessing a valid pet shop license. The annual license fee for a pet shop shall be as established by Chapter 157, § 157-24, of the Harford County Code, as amended.
All pet shops, including pet shops run in conjunction with any other business, shall, in addition to any other requirement of law, comply with the minimum standards of this Article. Failure to meet these standards shall be grounds for denial of or revocation of the pet shop license. The minimum pet shop standards are:
All cages and enclosures shall be constructed of a nonporous material for ease in cleansing and disinfecting. Each cage must be of sufficient size to allow the enclosed animal to stand, turn and stretch to its full length and height within the enclosure.
If a mesh or screen type material is used as a suspended cage floor, 1/2 of the mesh surface is required to be covered with a removable, flat, nonporous material. This material will be required to be in place in the cage while occupied, with the exception of cleaning and disinfecting time.
[Amended by Bill No. 15-011]
There shall be sufficient clean, dry bedding to meet the needs of each animal.
All mammals under 3 months of age shall be fed at least 3 times per day.
[Amended by Bill No. 15-011]
All food shall be served in a clean container, so mounted that the animal cannot readily tip it over or defecate or urinate therein.
Hot water with a commercial disinfectant must be kept at a minimum temperature of 75° F. and shall be available for the washing and disinfecting of food dishes, water dishes and cages.
[Amended by Bill No. 15-011]
Fresh water shall be available to all animals at all times. All water containers shall be so mounted that the animal cannot readily turn them over and should be removable for cleaning.
The temperature of the animal enclosures shall be maintained at a level suitable for the animal contained therein.
Every bird shall be placed in a clean cage with sufficient room to allow the bird to sit upon a perch. Large birds shall be placed in separate cages from smaller birds.
All fish shall be contained in a clean, algae-free tank in which the water temperature shall be maintained at a constant, healthful level, with the exception of the species of fish that needs algae to survive in its environment. Dead fish shall be removed from the tanks immediately.
All animals shall be fed, watered and provided with clean bedding every day of the week, including Sundays and holidays.
The Director of the Department may suspend, revoke or refuse any license issued under this chapter if the licensee has secured such license by misrepresentations or failed to maintain the standards required by this chapter.