Village of Spring Valley, NY
Rockland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Residential buildings. Residential buildings intended for occupancy between the first day of November and the first day of May of the following year shall be provided with heating equipment designed to maintain a temperature of not less than seventy degrees Fahrenheit (70º F.) at a distance of three (3) feet and more from exterior walls and at a level of five (5) feet above the floor in habitable spaces, kitchenettes, bathrooms and toilet rooms. The capability of the heating equipment to maintain such indoor temperature shall be based on the average of the recorded annual minimum outside temperatures for the locality.
Multifamily dwellings. In multifamily dwellings, adequate heat shall be provided to maintain the indoor temperature in habitable spaces, kitchenettes, bathrooms and toilet rooms at not less than sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit (68º F.) at a distance of eighteen (18) inches above floor level and three (3) feet from an outside wall.
[Amended 12-2-1980 by L.L. No. 11-1980]
Fuel-burning heat-producing equipment shall be installed and maintained so that the emission or discharge into the atmosphere of smoke, dust, particles, odors or other products of combustion will not create a nuisance or be detrimental to the health, comfort, safety or property of any person.
Ducts and other air-handling equipment used for heating shall conform to the requirements of such equipment used for ventilating purposes.
Fuel-burning equipment shall not be located in sleeping rooms, bathrooms or toilet rooms, nor in or under stairways or other required exits.
Fuel-burning equipment shall be permanently fastened and connected in place. Fuel supply connection to such equipment shall be made with pipe or tubing of solid metal.
Where heat-producing equipment is installed on or adjacent to combustible materials, the location, insulation, clearance and the control of the equipment shall be such that the temperature on the surface of the combustible materials will not exceed a safe temperature.
Direct fire heat-producing equipment; enclosures. Direct fire heat-producing equipment and the enclosure in which it is located shall be provided with a supply of air adequate both for complete combustion at the rated gross output of the equipment and for the ventilation of the enclosure to prevent the accumulation of heat.
Rooms containing fuel-burning equipment. Rooms containing fuel-burning equipment shall have such air supply provided by means of one (1) or more openings to the exterior or by means of fixed openings to interior spaces which open to the exterior.
Equipment burning solid, liquid fuel. Equipment for burning solid or liquid fuel shall be connected to suitable chimneys or flues and shall not be connected to gas vents. Unvented heaters burning liquid fuel shall be prohibited.
Space heaters. Fuel-burning space heaters located in sleeping rooms or rooms normally kept closed shall be connected to a suitable chimney, flue or gas vent.
Gas-fired equipment. Gas-fired equipment shall be connected to a suitable chimney, flue or gas vent when the discharge of products of combustion into the space where the equipment is installed would be a hazard.
Pressure, temperature relievers. Equipment capable of developing hazardous pressures or temperatures shall be provided with means to relieve safely such pressures and temperatures.
Controls for automatically operated equipment. Controls for the safe operation of automatically operated heat-producing equipment shall be provided to function as follows:
When failure or interruption of flames or ignition occurs, the fuel supply shall be cut off. When a predetermined temperature or pressure is exceeded, the input of additional heat shall be prevented or reduced to a safe rate. When the water level in a steam boiler drops below a predetermined level, the fuel supply shall be cut off. When failure or interruption of pilot light or main burner of liquefied petroleum gas equipment occurs, the fuel supply to each pilot light and main burner shall be cut off.
Hot water and steam boilers (natural gas, oil or LP, regardless of BTU input or output) shall be provided with a low water cutoff and manual reset hi limit temperature control.
[Added 4-12-2005 by L.L. No. 5-2005]
Fuel-burning equipment for garages servicing multifamily dwellings shall be located in heater rooms, except that equipment burning gas or liquid fuel, located in the vehicle storage space, shall be permitted in stories at or above grade where elevated so as not to be exposed to possible accumulation of flammable gases.