Town of South Berwick, ME
York County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of South Berwick as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Administrative Code — See Ch. 3.
Personnel policies — See Ch. 31.
[The Code of the Town of South Berwick was adopted by the Town Council on 8-26-1991 by ordinance. Said ordinance listed the revised and renumbered ordinances of the Town of South Berwick included in this Code, provided for the adoption of this Code as the "Code of the Town of South Berwick" and made certain substantive changes to existing Town legislation.]
[Adopted 3-10-1971 as part of the Administrative Code]
[Amended 8-26-1991]
No provision of any ordinance shall be held invalid by reason of deficiency in any chapter, article or section heading, it being hereby expressly provided that such headings are not a part of any ordinance, unless the ordinance expressly designates headings and captions an integral part of the ordinance.
The prohibition of any act by any ordinance of the Town or in any amendment thereof shall include the causing, securing, aiding or abetting of another person to do said act.
The following rules shall be observed in the construction of ordinances, unless such construction is inconsistent with the plain meaning of the ordinance:
Words and phrases shall be construed according to the common meaning of the language. Technical words and phrases and such as have a peculiar meaning convey such technical or peculiar meaning. The words "and" and "or" are convertible as the sense of any ordinance may require.
Words of the singular number may include the plural; and words of the plural number may include the singular. Words of the masculine gender may include the feminine.
Words giving authority to three or more persons authorize a majority to act, when the ordinance does not otherwise determine. When three voting members are present, three affirmative votes will be needed for passage of actions.
[Amended 8-26-1991]
The words "street" or "streets" shall be understood as including highways, ways, avenues, courts, lanes, alleys, parks, squares, places, sidewalks, crosswalks and bridges.
The word "inhabitant" means a person having an established residence in the Town.
The word "oath" includes an affirmation, when affirmation is allowed. Affirmation is allowed when a person required to be sworn is conscientiously scrupulous of taking an oath.
The word "person" as used in any ordinance and in any amendment thereof hereafter enacted shall include: any individual, firm, copartnership, corporation, company, association, club, joint venture, estate, trust or any group or combination acting as a unit and the individuals constituting such group or unit, unless the intention to give a more limited meaning is disclosed by the context.
By the words "preceding" or "following," used with reference to a section, is meant the section next preceding or following that in which it is used, when not otherwise expressed.
The term "municipal officers" means the members of the Town Council.
The word "Town" shall be construed as if the words "of South Berwick" followed it.
The laws of the State of Maine which are not inconsistent with the Town Charter are hereby incorporated by reference. No person shall violate any law of the State of Maine, and no enumeration of particular state laws in ordinances of the Town shall be held to be exclusive.