Pierce County, WI
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
All streets and other open ways to be dedicated to the public shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the specifications of Article IV.
Curbs and gutters and sidewalks may be required by the Land Management Committee. Such improvements shall be installed to grades and design approved by the town that has jurisdiction. If no town standards exist, then grades and design shall be approved by the Pierce County Department of Land Management.
Facilities to provide stormwater drainage without causing downstream flooding, including culverts, improved open watercourses, storm sewers, detention basins or other drainage structures shall be designed and installed in accordance with county surface water drainage standards.
Utilities for electric, water, wastewater, natural gas, telephone and cable television shall be designed and installed according to county and state standards, where applicable. All utilities shall be located underground at the option of the Land Management Committee.
Street trees and landscaping improvements shall be provided as required by the Land Management Committee.
The improvements specified above and erosion control measures required during installation of improvements shall be installed at the expense of the applicant prior to application for final approval, except that final paving, if required, may be done after final approval. The Land Management Committee shall consider approval of the final plat only after the work has been completed or after submittal of financial assurance for work not completed in one of the following ways:
The applicant shall have filed with the county a duly completed and executed surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit in an amount satisfactory to the Committee and sufficient to complete the improvements, and install, maintain and repair erosion control.
The applicant shall provide evidence of deposition in an escrow account of an amount sufficient to complete the improvements. The escrow agent shall be a bank or title company. The applicant shall be responsible for paying the escrow fee. As work progresses, the Committee will authorize the escrow agent to make payments to the applicant or contractors to assure completion of the improvements.
If the improvements are not completed within the specified time, the Land Management Committee may use the financial assurance, or any necessary portion thereof, to complete same.
In areas that have a public water or sanitary sewer system on or near the proposed land division, the local municipality furnishing such service and the Land Management Committee shall determine the feasibility of serving the land division. The Land Management Committee may require the subdivider to join the water or sanitary sewer system.