Town of Trenton, WI
Washington County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Trenton 11-7-1989 as Title 4, Ch. 4 of the 1989 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Animals — See Ch. 158.
Fireworks — See Ch. 216.
Intoxicating liquor and fermented malt beverages — See Ch. 237.
Lakes — See Ch. 254.
Purpose and definition. In order to protect the parks, parkways, recreational facilities and conservancy areas within the Town from injury, damage or desecration, these regulations are enacted. The term "park," as hereinafter used in this chapter, shall include all grounds, structures and watercourses which are or may be located within any area dedicated to the public use as a park, parkway, public boat landing, public lake access, recreation facility or conservancy district in the Town.
Specific regulations.
Littering prohibited. No person shall litter, dump or deposit any rubbish, refuse, earth or other material in any park, except by placing such material in receptacles provided for such purpose.
Sound devices. No person shall operate or play any amplifying system unless specific authority is first obtained from the Town Board.
Pets. No person shall permit any dog, cat or other pet owned by him to run at large in any park or allow pets to enter any public buildings, bathing beaches, picnic grounds or playgrounds within any park.
Bill posting. No person shall post, paste, fasten, paint or attach any placard, bill, notice, sign or advertising matter upon any structure, tree or other natural object in any park, except park regulations and other signs authorized by the Town Board.
Trapping. No person shall trap in any park unless specific written authority is first obtained from the Town Board.
Making of fires. No person shall start, tend or maintain a fire except in personal grills or designated fireplaces. Personal grills shall be used only in designated picnic areas. The use of personal grills is permitted provided that lawns and vegetation are not endangered. Unburned fuel and ashes shall be disposed of in such a manner as to prevent fire or damage to any park property.
Protection of park property. No person shall kill, injure or disturb or attempt to injure or disturb waterfowl, birds or animals, wild or domestic, within any park. No person shall climb any tree or remove flowers or fruit, wild or cultivated, or break, cut down, trample upon, remove or in any manner injure, deface, write upon or ill use any tree, shrub, flower, flowerbed, turf, soil, sand, fountain, ornament, building, structure, apparatus, bench, table, official notice, sign or other property within any park.
Motorized vehicles. No person shall operate an unlicensed or licensed motorized vehicle outside of areas specifically designated as parking areas, except areas where the operation of such vehicles is specifically permitted.
Reckless driving in parks prohibited. No person shall operate a motor vehicle in a reckless manner in any of the public parks of the Town.
Parking in parks. No person shall park any motor vehicle in any park in the Town except in a designated parking area.
Illegal entry. It shall be unlawful for any person to enter in any way any park building, installation or area after the posted closing time or before the posted opening time, or contrary to posted notices.
No person shall fly a radio-controlled model airplane in any park in the Town of Trenton except in areas specifically designated and posted for such purpose.