City of Evanston, WY
Uinta County
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[Amended by Ord. No. 96-13]
After public hearing and with the approval of the governing body, a license or permit, may be transferred to or renewed on different premises on the same basis as the original application. An additional license fee in an amount set forth in the budget resolution, not to exceed $100, is required for the remaining term of the license or permit. The transferred license or permit shall expire on the same date as the original license or permit.
A licensee, or the executor or administrator of the estate of a deceased licensee, may assign and transfer the license or permit by a sale made in good faith. The assignment and transfer shall first have the approval of the governing body, which consideration shall be based in part upon a public hearing and an application filed under oath by the assignee or the transferee showing the person or entity to be qualified to hold a license or permit under state law and the City Code. The approval of the transfer shall not be given by the governing body if proceedings, including an action to collect delinquent sales tax payments pursuant to W.S. 12-2-306, are pending to suspend, revoke or otherwise penalize the original license or permit holder. A transfer of a license or permit shall require the payment of an additional license fee to the City in the amount set forth in the budget resolution, not to exceed the sum of $100 for the transfer, and upon assignment the assignee may exercise the privilege of continuing the business authorized by the license or permit.
No license or permit shall be transferred or sold except as provided by § 4-28, used for any place not described in the license or permit at the time of issuance or subject to attachment, garnishment or execution.