Town of Brookhaven, NY
Suffolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Access to Public Records

Chapter 3 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 4 Amusements

Chapter 5 Appearance Tickets

Chapter 6 Traffic Violations Bureau

Chapter 7 Bidding Preferences

Chapter 7A Business Practices

Chapter 7B Green Procurement

Chapter 7C Energy Initiative

Chapter 8 Bay and Harbor Bottoms

Chapter 9 Beaches

Chapter 10 Parks and Recreation Areas

Chapter 10A Feeding of Waterfowl and Pigeons

Chapter 11 Bingo

Chapter 13 Boat Control

Chapter 14 Houseboats

Chapter 15 Joseph Macchia Environmental Preservation Capital Reserve Fund

Chapter 15A Brookhaven Wildlife Experience Capital Reserve Fund

Chapter 15B Brookhaven Active Parkland Capital Reserve Fund

Chapter 16 Building Construction Administration

Chapter 16A Electrical Code

Chapter 17 (Reserved)

Chapter 18 Capital Budget System

Chapter 18A Clerk

Chapter 18B Operating Budget

Chapter 19 Commercial and Business Activities

Chapter 20 Departments and Bureaus

Chapter 21 (Reserved)

Chapter 21A Discrimination

Chapter 22 Docks

Chapter 23 Dog Control and Animal Welfare

Chapter 24 Dumps and Disposal Areas

Chapter 25 Economic Development Zone

Chapter 26 Business Development Districts

Chapter 27 Procedures for Ballot Propositions Proposing Ward Districts and Reapportionment Thereof

Chapter 28 Code of Ethics and Disclosure

Chapter 29A Fire District

Chapter 30 Fire Prevention

Chapter 31 (Reserved)

Chapter 32 (Reserved)

Chapter 34 Games of Chance

Chapter 34A Games and Amusement Devices

Chapter 36 Peddlers

Chapter 37 All-Terrain Vehicles

Chapter 38 Highways

Chapter 41 Deposits on Construction of New Homes

Chapter 42 Junk Dealers

Chapter 43 Drop-Off Bins

Chapter 44 Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Businesses

Chapter 45 Sanitation

Chapter 46 Recycling

Chapter 47 Petroleum Substances, Disposition of

Chapter 48 Graffiti and Defacement of Property

Chapter 49 Property Maintenance

Chapter 49A Public Hearings

Chapter 49B Nuisance Abatement

Chapter 50 Noise Control

Chapter 51 Refrigerators; Wells; Cisterns

Chapter 54 Licensing

Chapter 55 Child Protection Act

Chapter 57 Shellfish

Chapter 64 Employee Servicemember Benefits and Compensation Protection Act

Chapter 65 Taxation

Chapter 66 Towing Businesses

Chapter 67 Taxicabs

Chapter 68 Outdoor Furnaces

Chapter 71 Trespassing

Chapter 72 Trees and Debris, Disposition of

Chapter 73 Unsafe Buildings and Excavated Lands

Chapter 74 Brookhaven Port Jefferson Harbor Complex Waterway

Chapter 75 Vegetation on Beach Areas

Chapter 76 Coastal Erosion Hazard Areas

Chapter 77 Nature Preserves

Chapter 78 Water Resources

Chapter 78A Nitrogen Protection Zone

Chapter 79 Water

Chapter 83 Wooden Public Walks

Chapter 84 Notice of Defective or Dangerous Conditions

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List

Land Use Legislation

Chapter 29 Fees

Chapter 33 Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 35 Grading

Chapter 53 Sand and Gravel Pits; Excavation; Removal of Topsoil

Chapter 57A Signs

Chapter 61 Subdividers; Posting of Information

Chapter 70 Tree Preservation

Chapter 80 Critical Environmental Areas; Seqra Implementation

Chapter 81 Wetlands and Waterways

Chapter 82 Neighborhood Preservation

Chapter 85 Zoning

Chapter 86 Stormwater Management and Erosion Control

Chapter 86A Prohibition of Illicit Discharges and Connections to the Town of Brookhaven Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System

Chapter 87 Vacant Building Registration

Chapter 88 Blighted Property Restoration


Chapter SR Subdivision Regulations