City of Rochester, NH
Strafford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Legal Basis and Departmental Organization

Chapter 2 Municipal Departments

Chapter 3 Boards and Commissions

Chapter 4 Purchases and Contracts

Chapter 5 Salaries

Chapter 10 Legislative Body

Chapter 11 Finance

Chapter 12 Municipal Elections

Chapter 13 Appointment, Election and Removal of City Officers

Chapter 14 Bond of City Officials

Chapter 15 Highways, Bridges, Sidewalks and Street Lighting

Chapter 16 Sewer Ordinance

Chapter 17 Water

Chapter 18 Regulation of Cross-Connection Between Potable and Non-Potable Systems

Chapter 19 Solid Waste

Chapter 20 Public Buildings

Chapter 21 Recreation and Arena

Chapter 22 Fire Department Organization

Chapter 23 Fire Safety Measures

Chapter 24 Morals and Conduct

Chapter 25 Public Health

Chapter 26 Public License

Chapter 27 Regulation of Pinball and Video Games and Machines

Chapter 28 Public Nuisances

Chapter 29 Control of Animals

Chapter 30 Penalties

Chapter 32 Licensing and Regulation of Hawkers, Peddlers and Itinerant Vendors

Chapter 33 Emergency Alarm System

Chapter 34 Junk and Second-Hand Dealers

Chapter 35 Regulation of Newsracks and Public Way Obsctructions

Chapter 36 Cemeteries

Chapter 40 Inspector of Buildings, Plans, Regulations and Appeal

Chapter 41 City Planning Board

Chapter 42 Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 43 Mobile Home Park Ordinance

Chapter 44 Local Ordinance Citations; Pleas by Mail

Chapter 50 Stormwater Management and Erosion Control

Chapter 60 Traffic Code Definitions

Chapter 61 Operation of Motor Vehicles

Chapter 62 Stopping, Standing and Parking

Chapter 63 Rights and Duties of Pedestrians

Chapter 64 Enforcement

Chapter 65 Penalties

Chapter 66 Taxicabs

Chapter 67 Towing Services