City of St. Charles, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Government Code

Chapter 100 General Provisions

Chapter 105 Elections

Chapter 110 City Council

Chapter 115 City Officials

Chapter 120 Departments

Chapter 125 Boards, Commissions and Committees

Chapter 130 Personnel Code and Employment Policies

Chapter 135 Municipal Court

Chapter 140 Taxation - Finance - Revenue

Chapter 145 Purchasing, Contracts and Sales

Public Health, Safety And Welfare

Chapter 200 Police Department

Chapter 205 Fire Protection and Fire Prevention

Chapter 210 Animals

Chapter 215 Offenses

Chapter 220 Health, Safety and Sanitation - Nuisances

Chapter 225 Trees and Shrubs - Weeds

Chapter 230 Noise Control

Chapter 235 Emergency Management

Chapter 236 Miscellaneous Regulations

Chapter 240 Human Rights

Chapter 245 Solid Waste Management

Chapter 250 Cemeteries

Chapter 255 Parks and Recreation

Chapter 260 Smoking and Non-Smoking Establishment Sign Regulations

Traffic Code

Chapter 300 General Provisions

Chapter 305 Obedience To and Effect of Traffic Laws

Chapter 310 Traffic Control Devices, Signs, Signals and Markings

Chapter 315 Administration and Enforcement

Chapter 320 Motor Vehicle Offenses

Chapter 325 Speed Restrictions

Chapter 330 Turning Restricted - Signals

Chapter 335 Stop and Yield Intersections

Chapter 340 Miscellaneous Traffic Regulations

Chapter 345 Pedestrians' Rights and Duties

Chapter 350 Parking Regulations

Chapter 355 Equipment - Loads

Chapter 360 Vehicle Licensing

Chapter 365 Bicycles, Motorcycles and Similar Vehicles

Chapter 370 Parades and Public Assemblies

Chapter 375 Abandoned Vehicles

Schedule I Speed Limits

Schedule II Weight and Load Restrictions

Schedule III Parking Restrictions

Schedule IV Municipal Parking Lot Restrictions

Schedule V One-Way Streets

Land Use

Chapter 400 Zoning Code

Chapter 405 Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 410 Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 415 Mobile Home Parks

Building And Construction

Chapter 500 Building Regulations

Chapter 505 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 510 Excavation, Grading and Storm Water Control

Chapter 515 Urban Redevelopment

Business And Occupation

Chapter 600 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 605 General Licensing and Taxation Provisions

Chapter 610 Special Business District

Chapter 615 Public Utilities

Chapter 620 Hotels and Motels

Chapter 625 Junk Dealers, Pawnbrokers and Short-Term Loan Establishments

Chapter 630 Precious Metals and Gems

Chapter 635 Security Systems and Services

Chapter 640 Itinerant Merchants, Garage Sales and Solicitors

Chapter 645 Vehicles For Hire

Chapter 650 Medical and Health Care Facilities

Chapter 655 Insurance Companies

Chapter 660 Massage Technicians

Chapter 665 Sexually Oriented Business Regulations

Chapter 670 Cable Television Regulations


Chapter 700 Water

Chapter 705 Sewers and Sewage Disposal

Chapter 710 Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems

Cross Reference

Chapter CR Cross Reference