Town of Coventry, RI
Kent County
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§ 122-1— License fees. § 124-2— Exceptions. 131-5{9}— Word usage; terms defined. Ch 186— Poles, Utility Ch 186 Art I— Signs Prohibited § 200-5— Determination of applicability required; exceptions. 204-1{27}— Definitions. 204-1{29}— Definitions. 204-1{61}— Definitions. § 204-12— Mandatory source separation of compostable leaf and yard waste material. § 204-13— Leaf and yard waste source separation noncompliance. Ch 245— Yard Sales § 245-2— Signs. § 245-3— Hours of operation. § 245-4— License required. § 245-5— Application for license. § 245-6— Issuance of license; fee; maximum number of licenses per year. Ch 255— Zoning 255-II-210{76}— Specific definitions. 255-II-210{131}— Specific definitions. 255-II-210{132}— Specific definitions. 255-II-210{133}— Specific definitions. 255-II-210{134}— Specific definitions. § 255-IV-430— Special use permits. § 255-VIII-890— Nonconforming lots of record, building setback requirements in residential zones. § 255-IX-910— Exceptions to dimensional requirements. § 255-IX-920— General development regulations. § 255-IX-930— Supplemental regulations for specific land uses. § 255-IX-970— Telecommunication towers. § 255-XI-1130— Permitted uses. § 255-XII-1200— General requirements. § 255-XII-1220— Minimum off-street parking requirements. § 255-XIII-1310— Development parameters. § 255-XIII-1320— Dimensional regulations. § 255-XIV-1460— Standards for multifamily buildings. § 255-XIV-1470— Standards for Commercial/Business Park Development. § 255-XIV-1480— Standards for Open Space and recreation. § 255-XVI-1680— Standards for Development in village commercial zones. § 255-XVII-1730— Minimum landscaped buffer. § 255-XIX-1900— Conflict with other ordinances. § V-1— [General authority of town; definitions.] Ch DT— Derivation Table