Village of Laurel Hollow, NY
Nassau County
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Village of Laurel Hollow, NY
The Code
Ch 22 Building Code, Administration and Enforcement of
§ 22-4 Building permits.
Ch 23 Building Construction and Fire Prevention
§ 23-3 Permits; applications; procedures.
Ch 48 Excavation and Filling of Land
§ 48-3 Application for permit; fees and deposits.
Ch 51 Filming
§ 51-4 Application for permit.
Ch 114 Subdivision of Land
§ 114-3 Preliminary map and final plat procedures.
Ch 125 Trees
§ 125-3 Permit required; exception.
Ch 135 Vehicles and Traffic
Ch 135 Art III Parking, Standing and Stopping
§ 135-14 Public parking lots.
Ch 140 Waterways
§ 140-3 Promulgation of rules and regulations.
§ 140-7 Docking, anchoring, mooring and sanitation.
Ch 145 Zoning
Ch 145 Art VI Environmental Protection
§ 145-12 Regulations.
Ch 145 Art VII Supplemental Regulations
§ 145-15 Sign permits; fees.
§ 145-20 Swimming pools.
Ch 145 Art IX Board of Appeals
§ 145-27 Applications and fees.