Township of Delran, NJ
Burlington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Council of the Township of Delran by Ord. No. 2000-18 (Ch. XXI of the 1993 Revised General Ordinances). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Land use procedures — See Ch. 37.
Flood damage prevention — See Ch. 171.
Subdivision of land — See Ch. 310.
Zoning — See Ch. 355.
This chapter shall be known and may be cited as "Chapter 290, Site Plan."
Site development plans shall be so designed as to enhance the general appearance of the Township of Delran, further the harmonious use of the land, the preservation of the environment and to encourage development and design consistent with the purpose of Chapter 355, Zoning, and the Master Plan.
Site plan approval shall be required before any excavation, removal of soil, clearing of site or placing of any fill on lands contemplated for development takes place; for any change or expansion of any commercial or industrial use; and except as hereinafter provided, no building permit or certificate of conformance shall be issued for any building or use, or reduction or enlargement in size of any building, or change in use of any building unless a site plan is first submitted and approved by the Planning Board of the Township of Delran, and no certificate of conformance shall be given unless all construction and development conforms to the plans as approved by the Planning Board.
Site approval shall not be required for any single-family dwelling or dwelling unit or for such accessory uses as a private garage, tool house, garden shed or private greenhouse incidental to residential use except as required by Chapter 355, Zoning, for residential construction in the H Harbor District, but this shall not limit the requirements for submission of subdivision plans for subdivision approval as otherwise provided in Chapter 310, Subdivision of Land.
Site plan as herein required shall be submitted in 12 copies to the Secretary of the Planning Board at least 15 days prior to a scheduled meeting of the Planning Board. In addition, color photographs as hereinafter required shall be submitted in triplicate along with the site plan. All site plans shall comply with the requirements hereinafter set forth and shall contain the following information and data:
One copy of said site plan shall consist of a translucent tracing cloth and be of a standard size of 24 inches by 36 inches, as measured from the cutting edges. If one sheet is not of sufficient size to contain the entire territory, the map shall be divided into sections to be shown on separate sheets of equal size with reference on each sheet to the adjoining sheets; however, the entire plan shall be shown on one sheet, not necessarily to scale, for purposes of overall comprehension of the proposal. All information appearing on said plan shall be in black india ink. Said translucent copy shall not be submitted until such time as all changes have been made as required by the Planning Board and the plan is submitted for final approval. Planning Board approval shall be given by signatures upon the translucent copy and prints thereof. The translucent copy shall become part of the Township files.
A scale of not less than 50 feet to the inch. All distances shall be in feet and decimals of a foot, and all bearings shall be given to the nearest 10 seconds. The error of closure shall not exceed one to 10,000.
The names of all owners of record of all adjacent property and the block and parcel number of the property.
Existing school, zoning and special district boundaries. Such features shall be shown on a separate map or as a key map on the detail map itself.
Boundaries of the property, building or setback lines, and lines of existing streets, lots reservations, easements and areas dedicated to public use.
A copy of any covenants, easements or deed restrictions, if any, that cover or are intended to cover all or any part of the tract. If none, this should be noted on the application.
Location of existing buildings which shall remain and all other structures such as wells, fences, culverts, bridges, roadways, etc., with spot elevations of such structures.
Location of all storm drainage structures and utility lines, whether publicly or privately owned, with pipe sizes, grades and direction of flow, together with design calculations, and if any existing utility lines are underground, an estimated location of said already underground utility lines shall be shown.
Existing contours with intervals of one foot where slopes are 3% or less, two feet where slopes are more than 3% but less than 15%, and five feet when 15% or more, referred to a datum as provided by the Township Engineer, to be indicated by a dashed line. Where any changes in contours are proposed, finished grades should be shown as solid lines.
Location of existing rock outcrops, high points, watercourses, depressions, ponds, marshes, wooded areas, single trees not in wooded area with a diameter of eight inches or more as measured three feet above the base of the trunk, and other significant existing features, including previous flood elevations of watercourses, ponds and marsh areas as determined by survey.
Title of development, North point, scale, name and address of record owner, engineer, architect or surveyor preparing the site development plan.
A survey prepared by a licensed land surveyor of the State of New Jersey shall accompany the site plan and shall show the boundaries of the parcel and the limits of all proposed streets, recreation areas and other property to be dedicated to public use. The site plan may be accompanied by such other exhibits of any architectural or planning nature submitted by the applicant or as may be required by the Planning Board pursuant to the Township of Delran.
All proposed easements and public and community areas. All proposed streets, with profiles indicating grading and cross sections showing width of roadway, location and width of sidewalk, and location and size of utility lines, according to the standards and specifications of all Township of Delran ordinances. Such features should be indicated on a separate map where deemed desirable by the Township Engineer.
The proposed use or uses of land and buildings and proposed location of all buildings, including proposed grades. Such features should be indicated on a separate drawing where deemed desirable by the Township Engineer.
All means of vehicular access and egress to and from the site onto public streets, showing size and location of driveways and curb cuts.
The location and design of any off-street parking areas or loading areas, showing size and location of bays, aisles and barriers.
The location of all proposed water lines, valves and hydrants and of all sewer lines or alternative means of water supply or sewage disposal and treatment in conformance with the applicable standards in the Township of Delran ordinances.
The proposed location, direction of illumination, power and time of proposed outdoor lighting in conformance with the applicable standards of the Township of Delran.
The proposed screening and landscaping, including a planting plan, in conformance with the applicable ordinances of the Township of Delran.
Proposed stormwater drainage system in conformance with the applicable standards in the Township of Delran ordinances.
An environmental impact statement as described in § 310-25I, Environmental impact statement, of this Code.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II).
Color photograph(s) of not less than five inches by seven inches shall be submitted in sufficient number so as to completely show the front of the property and any part of the property that is not visible in ground-level photographs taken from the front of the property. If any watercourses exist on the property, their condition shall be shown with additional photographs. Photographs need not be professionally taken or prepared.
Such other information or data as may be required by the Planning Board in order to determine that the details of the site plan are in accord with the standards of Chapter 355, Zoning, and all other ordinances of the Township of Delran and further that the building or use will not offend the public interests.
The Planning Board may waive any of the requirements or details specified to be shown on the site plan in any given application if the Planning Board determines that certain requirements or specifications are not necessary to be shown in order to insure that said site plan conforms to the standards of good planning and will have no deleterious effect on the neighboring properties and indicates sufficient materials to assure adequate protection of the health, welfare, and safety of the people of the Township of Delran.
Upon submission of a complete application for site plan approval, the Planning Board shall either approve or disapprove the site plan within the time limits as set forth under N.J.S.A. 40:55D-1 et seq., the Municipal Land Use Law, Chapter 37, Land Use Procedures, or such extension of time as agreed to by the Board and the applicant.
All of the requirements set forth in this Chapter 290 dealing with site plan review shall be considered those requirements necessary for submission and approval of a site plan with the exception of requirements waived by action of the Planning Board. Nothing herein shall be construed so as to prevent any applicant from submitting an application for preliminary site plan approval based upon lesser site plan information and data as agreed to between the applicant and the Board.
Planning Board approval of the site plan shall be granted in the event that the site plan complies with the following standards and regulations:
The applicant has submitted a site plan containing all of the information and data as provided for in this chapter.
The details of the site plan are in accord with the standards of Chapter 355, Zoning, all applicable provisions of Chapter 310, Subdivision of Land, particularly Chapter 310, Article VII, Improvements, Article VIII, Design Standards, and all other applicable provisions of the Code of the Township of Delran as may be in existence at the time of the application to insure that the approved plan will promote the public safety, health and general welfare.
Adequate provisions are made so as to prevent any drainage, sewerage, water supply, erosion or siltation problems in accordance with the design standards of Chapter 310, Article VIII, Design Standards, of the Code of the Township of Delran and all other local, county, state and federal authorities.
Reasonable screening, at all seasons of the year, of all playgrounds, parking and service areas from the view of adjacent properties and streets shall be provided where necessary for the purpose of protecting the health, safety, general welfare, comfort and convenience of the public as required by Chapter 355, Zoning, and Chapter 310, Subdivision of Land, of the Code of the Township of Delran.
The location, power, direction and timing of any outdoor lighting, loudspeakers and public address system will conform to the provisions of Chapter 355, Zoning, and the design standards contained in Chapter 310, Subdivision of Land, of the Code of the Township of Delran and not have an adverse effect upon any properties in adjoining residential districts by impairing the established character or the potential use of properties in such districts.
No structure or any excavation or landfilling is to be undertaken within the boundary of any floodplain as defined in the Floodplain Map of the Township of Delran or within any wetland area or other protected areas whether by local, county, state or federal law or regulation without evidence of approval therefor or application being made therefor.
As a condition of final site plan approval, the reviewing board shall require, for the purpose of assuring the installation of all improvements required under such approval, that the applicant furnish performance and maintenance guaranties in accordance with the provisions of § 310-28E, Performance guaranties, and § 310-30, Maintenance guaranties, of Chapter 310, Subdivision of Land, of the Code of the Township of Delran and the provisions of N.J.S.A. 40:55D-53, 40:55D-53b, 40:55D-53.3, 40:55D-53.4 and 40:55D-53.5.
Any off-tract improvements which may be required as a condition of final site plan approval shall be handled in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 310, Subdivision of Land, Article IX, Off-Tract Improvements, of the Code of the Township of Delran.
The proposed construction submitted to the Planning Board for site plan approval must be completed in all respects as provided for hereinabove within the time period for which the approval remains in force and provides the applicant protection from zoning changes as provided by N.J.S.A. 40:55D-1 et seq., the Municipal Land Use Law, unless otherwise provided for by the Planning Board at the time of the approval. Failure of the applicant to complete construction within such period will nullify and void the site approval heretofore granted for the premises and will constitute a violation of Chapter 355, Zoning, as if no site plan approval had ever been granted.
The owner shall submit as-built plans for verification by the Engineer, and, upon such verification and compliance with all other requirements, a certificate of conformance as provided for in Chapter 37, Land Use Procedures, and Chapter 355, Zoning, may be issued.
An applicant for site plan approval shall pay such application fees and post such escrow fees and inspection fees for professional review and other necessary and related costs to their application as provided for in Chapter 150, Fees, and Chapter 37, Land Use Procedures, of the Code of the Township of Delran, which provisions are incorporated into and made a part of this Chapter 290, Site Plan Review, as if more fully set forth herein.
In the event that conditional approval is conferred subject to review and compliance with conditions imposed by the Burlington County Planning Board, the Soil Conservation District, the State Department of Transportation, the State Department of Environmental Protection, the State Department of Labor and Industry, the Army Corps of Engineers or other similar agency, applicant's plan shall not be signed nor shall a building permit be issued until evidence of such approvals has been produced, and said approvals do not change or negate the approval conferred by the Township Planning Board. Applicant's approval shall run from the date he receives approval from the Township approving authority rather than from the date the plan is signed.