Town of Ghent, NY
Columbia County
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[Adopted 3-15-1990]
The following smoking policy is adopted for places of employment for the employees of the Town of Ghent, to be effective on April 1, 1990.
Smoking is prohibited in all indoor places of employment of Town employees under the jurisdiction and control of the Town of Ghent except in areas specifically designated for smoking.
Smoking is permitted in an enclosed office occupied by a person who smokes or if it is occupied by more than one person, provided that all persons in that office consent to smoking.
Smoking is not permitted in any conference room or meeting room or any enclosed private office unless all persons in such place consent to smoking.
No person shall carry a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe or other smoking material in any indoor hallway, passage or other common area while walking through such area.
Smoking shall be prohibited in auditoriums gymnasiums, rest rooms, elevators, classrooms, hallways, employee medical facilities and rooms or areas which contain photocopying equipment or other office equipment used in common, and in company vehicles occupied by more than one person unless the occupants of such vehicle agree that smoking may be permitted (any other area may be added to this prohibition, i.e., waiting or reception areas).
Employee cafeterias, lunchrooms and lounges will contain nonsmoking areas as designated by the Town Board to meet employee demand.
Smoking areas will be designated by the Town Board for employees who wish to smoke. Such smoking areas will be clearly marked by a sign "Smoking Permitted."
The smoking policy in Town courts shall be as promulgated by the Office of Court Administration.
Employees are encouraged to present any concerns to their supervisor and may register a complaint with the County Enforcement Officer.
The copy of this policy shall be posted upon the Town Bulletin Board and in each separate building in which Town employees work.
Employees found smoking outside of designated smoking areas will be considered in violation of this policy and may be subject to the penalty prescribed by the State Commissioner of Health.
[Amended 4-27-2000 by L.L. No. 1-2000]
The Town Supervisor and Town Superintendent of Highways shall be designated an agent to assist in the enforcement of this policy by notifying employees who are in violation.