Village of Groton, NY
Tompkins County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Groton 11-15-2004 by L.L. No. 2-2004.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Accounting procedures — See Ch. 5.
Code of Ethics — See Ch. 21.
Investment policy — See Ch. 33.
Editor's Note: This local law was adopted as Ch. 78 but was renumbered to fit into the organizational structure of the Code.
The Village Board finds, pursuant to the authority granted to the Village Board of Trustees under the Village Law of the State of New York, that it is desirable for the good government of the Village, its management and business, the general welfare of the inhabitants and property of the Village of Groton, to provide economical and efficient overall direction and coordination of the day-to-day activities of the Village of Groton, to reduce administrative detail performed by the Mayor and the Board of Trustees and to occasion the Mayor and the Trustees opportunity for proper consideration of policy matters, that it is in the best interests of the Village of Groton to create an office of Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator and to authorize the Village Board of Trustees to appoint an individual to the position of Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator, all in accordance with the further terms and provisions of this chapter.
For an individual to be appointed to the position of Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator, such person must be eligible for appointment from a civil service eligible list for such position. The compensation for such position will be fixed by the Board of Trustees.
The individual duly appointed to the position of Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator shall assume all duties as provided for under §§ 4-402 (Village Clerk) and Section 4-408 (Village Treasurer) of the Village Law. If such position is duly appointed by the Board of Trustees, it shall be assumed that anywhere in the Code where there is reference to the Village Clerk, Village Treasurer, or Village Clerk-Treasurer, that such duties will be assumed and performed by the Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator.
The duties of the Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator shall include, but not be limited to:
Chief Fiscal Officer of the Village of Groton, and shall be responsible for all accounting functions within the municipality.
Budget Officer of the Village of Groton.
Under the direction of the Mayor and the Board of Trustees, performing administrative and related duties in the day-to-day operations of Village government.
Administrator of payroll and employee benefits for the Village and the filing of any reports thereof, and shall be the liaison with the County Personnel Department regarding personnel transactions.
Dealing with the public regarding Village projects, the Village Code and other like matters, including interpretation of the Village Code, rules and regulations.
Evaluating or causing to be evaluated all insurance coverage and making recommendations to the Mayor and the Board of Trustees concerning the same when necessary.
Preparing and filing the annual financial report and all other like reports to be filed with state or federal agencies.
Researching and applying for (or recommending a consultant to research and apply for) available state and federal grant funding.
Records Access Officer, Records Management Officer, Public Information Officer and Election Officer.
Preparing (or assisting in the preparation of) resolutions, proclamations, and local laws under consideration by the Board of Trustees.
Maintaining liaison with other governments and administrative agencies.
Attending meetings of the Board of Trustees and making recommendations as to measures or programs that will improve the efficiency or economy of Village government.
Attending meetings of the Planning Board, committees and commissions of the Village, and the Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator shall provide administrative support where necessary.
Performing and discharging such other duties and responsibilities as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Mayor and the Board of Trustees.
In any event, the exercise of authority granted herein by a duly appointed Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator shall be subject to the control and direction of the Mayor and Board of Trustees of the Village.
Nothing herein shall be deemed or construed as abolishing, transferring, limiting or curtailing in any way any powers, duties or responsibilities of the Mayor or Trustees or other Village officers, department heads, or employees such as are described by the law, rules and regulations of the State of New York or by the policies, orders, rules, regulations, resolutions or the Code of the Village of Groton. However, nothing shall limit the Board of Trustees from appointing the Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator to be an administrator or deputy administrator of any department on either a permanent or temporary basis.
This chapter shall be effective upon the filing of same with the Secretary of State pursuant to the Village Law of the State of New York.