Village of Lattingtown, NY
Nassau County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Lattingtown (Art. 26 of the 1998 General Ordinance Compilation). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Construction requirements — See Ch. 114.
Freshwater wetlands — See Ch. 161.
Subdivision of land — See Ch. 263.
Waterways — See Ch. 302.
No building permit shall be issued for the construction of any new dwelling in the Village until reasonably satisfactory proof has been furnished to the Building Inspector that the facility or system for the disposal of sewage or other putrescent organic wastes, for said dwelling, will properly operate and function in consideration of the actual soil and topographic conditions existing at the location where said facilities or system are to be installed.
Plans for the proposed sewage disposal systems, prepared by a duly licensed professional engineer or registered architect, together with the necessary data as to soil and subsoil conditions at the proposed system site, shall be submitted to the Building Inspector, who shall review and approve same before a building permit is issued.
The applicant or his agent shall telephone the Building Inspector at least four days before test holes are to be dug, specifying the time, date and location of said digging. Any changes in the time or date shall be promptly telephoned to the Building Inspector no later than four days prior to such changed date. In the event the Building Inspector cannot be reached, the information shall be given to the Deputy Building Inspector or the Village Clerk.
In addition to the above, the Building Inspector, if deemed necessary, may require the applicant, at the applicant's expense, to conduct appropriate percolation tests under the supervision of the Village Engineer or his deputy at the exact location, of the proposed system.
No clearing of the building site, other than that necessary to make the tests required to determine the soil and subsoil conditions, shall be carried out until after a building permit shall have been issued.
Before a certificate of occupancy is issued, there shall be filed with the Building Inspector a certification from the professional engineer or registered architect who designed the disposal system, stating that the system was constructed as designed, and that in his professional opinion it will satisfactorily serve the needs of the building it is intended to serve. If during the construction the system was changed in any way, said change shall be set forth, and the reason for said change stated.
The provisions of Subsections A through D of this section shall not apply to lands which are subdivided and improved in accordance with the requirements of the Subdivision Rules and Regulations of the Incorporated Village of Lattingtown, including, but not limited to, the provisions of §§ 320.4 and 531.0 of said Subdivision Rules and Regulations.[1]
Editor's Note: See also Ch. 263, Subdivision of Land.