Village of Manlius, NY
Onondaga County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Manlius 8-24-1982; amended in its entirety 5-14-1985. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]

§ A102-1
Schedule of fees. 

The following schedule of fees is hereby established with respect to licenses, permits and activities required or regulated under the provisions of various chapters of the Code. Applications for the issuance of such licenses and permits shall be subject to the provisions of the specific chapter of the Code which is indicated for each type of license or permit. The business, activity or operation for which the license or permit is required shall be subject to all regulations set forth in the chapter to which reference is made.

Specific Provisions Type of Fees, Charges or Rates Fee
Editor's Note: Provisions relating to annexations were not desired for codification.
Application for annexation, minimum acre $100
Each additional $10
Application for annexation, maximum $250
Ch. 36, Blasting Annual application $25
Ch. 37, Buildings, Unsafe
[Added 9-28-1999]
Demolition application $25
Demolition permit $50
Ch. 38, Buildings Application for moving of building $25
Ch. 42, Business Control Permit to distribute advertising material Annual license to auction $10 $25
Acting as auctioneer, per day $25
License for conducting a show or exhibition, per day $25
License for merchants and dealers using a vehicle, from date of issuance to June 30 $25
Merchants and dealers using a vehicle, per day $10
Each additional person on long-term basis $10
Each additional person $2
License for merchants and dealers not using a vehicle, from date of issuance to June 30 $10
Merchants and dealers not using a vehicle, per day $2
Permit for canvassers and solicitors, from date of issuance to June 30 $25
Permit for canvassers and solicitors, per day $50
Permit for canvassers and solicitors, from January 1 to June 30 $25
Ch. 46, Dogs and Other Animals Redemption of dog $10
Ch. 49, Environ- mental Quality Review Preparation and review of EIS As fixed from time to time by resolution of the Village Board
Ch. 60, Recy- cling and Solid Waste Disposal
[Added 6-12-1990]
Annual application for license to haul waste $5
Ch. 85, Streets and Sidewalks Permit to excavate $25
Ch. 87 Subdivision of Land
[Amended 9-28-1999]
Subdivision fee $250 plus $30 per lot, 50% payable upon completion of application and remaining 50% payable upon presentation of linen drawings
Ch. 91, Trailers License for house trailers, mobile homes, tents and cabins $50
Ch. 99, Zoning
[Amended 2-13-1990; 9-28-1999]
Building permits
Enclosed structures, per square foot $0.20
Unenclosed structures
First $1,000 of construction $20
Each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof (includes porches, decks, etc.) $2
Sign permit application (covers multiple signs on one application) $10
Sign permit, per sign $10
Zoning Board of Appeals variance $75
Special use permits
Home occupations $25
Change of zone $300
Freestanding sign $50
All other applications $250
Swimming pool application $20
Minor site plan application $250
Site plan amendment application $50 (to be determined by the Codes Office)
NOTE: All village legal and engineering fees expended on zone changes and site plan and subdivision review will be paid by the applicant via deposit(s) with the village. When 80% of the initial deposit is expended, the Village Clerk's office will notify the applicant for an additional deposit. Any unused money would be returned to the applicant. Fees due with the application are:
Application Fee Initial Deposit
Site development $250 $1,000
Major subdivision (5 lots or more) $250 $5,000
Minor subdivision (4 lots or less) $250 $1,000
Zone change $250 $1,000
Editor's Note: The provisions establishing the following fees are not included in the Code.
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