Borough of Park Ridge, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Health of the Borough of Park Ridge 12-19-1962; amended in its entirety 11-14-1996. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Carnivals, circuses and shows — See Ch. 49.
Hawkers, peddlers and solicitors — See Ch. 67.
Licensing — See Ch. 75.
Food handler training — See Ch. 110.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any fixed or mobile retail food establishment which is engaged in the sale of raw agricultural products but may include, as a minor portion of the operation, the sale of factory sealed or prepackaged food products that do not normally require refrigeration.
Any raw, cooked or processed edible substance, beverage or ingredient used or intended for use or for sale in whole or in part for human consumption.
A commercial establishment in which food is processed and packaged for human consumption.
The properly appointed agent of the local Board of Health to act in the enforcement of its' ordinances and sanitary laws of the state.
Any movable restaurant, truck, van, trailer, cart, bicycle or other movable unit, including hand-carried portable containers in or on which food or beverage is transported.
Any fixed or mobile restaurant, coffee shop, cafeteria, short-order cafe, luncheonette, grill, tearoom, sandwich shop, snack/juice bar, soda fountain, tavern, bar, cocktail lounge, nightclub, roadside stand, industrial feeding establishment, private, public or nonprofit organization or institution serving food, catering kitchen, commissary, box lunch establishment, retail bakery, bagelry, meat market, delicatessen, grocery store, public food market or similar place in which food or drink is prepared for retail sale or for service on the premises or elsewhere; and in any other retail eating or drinking establishment or operation where food is served, handled or provided for the public with or without charge.
Any retail establishment which operates at a fixed location for a temporary period of time in connection with a fair, carnival, circus, public exhibition or similar transitory gathering, including church suppers, picnics or similar organizational meetings, mobile retail food establishments, as well as agricultural markets.
No person, persons or body corporations shall process, manufacture, have, warehouse, offer for sale or sell articles of food or drink within the limits of the Borough of Park Ridge without having first obtained a license or permit from the Board of Health of the Borough of Park Ridge.
[Amended 3-18-2004 by Ord. No. 2004-1; 11-16-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-1]
An establishment which fails to obtain a renewal of an establishment license in the month of December in any calendar year for previously licensed establishments and/or fails to obtain a retail food license before a new establishment opens for business shall pay a late fee of $25 for all licenses valued at $99 and below; $50 for each license valued at $100 and above; and $200 for each license valued at $200 and above. Late fees and/or fines shall be paid administratively to the Park Ridge Board of Health.
The following businesses and enterprises conducted within the Borough of Park Ridge shall be required to secure a license to operate and shall pay the appropriate fee as set forth:
[Amended 7-26-2011 by Ord. No. 2011-023; 7-26-2016 by Ord. No. 2016-016; 9-27-2016 by Ord. No. 2016-016A]
Type of Establishment
Annual License and Renewal Fee
Supermarket (under 50,000 square feet)
Supermarket (over 50,000 square feet)
Prepackaged candy counter
Miscellaneous retail food establishment
Convenience food store
Mobile concession
Ice cream
Seating capacity 1 through 50
Seating capacity over 50
Rooming or boarding house
Cattle and horses
Pet shop/dog grooming
Nursery school/day-care center
Nursery school/day-care center/camp that prepares and serves food
1 to 50 rooms
Over 50 rooms
Swimming pool, indoor/year-round use
Swimming pool, outdoor/seasonal use
Skilled nursing home
Assisted-living facility
Group home
Vending machines, per location
First machine
Each additional
Temporary retail food establishments
1 to 3 days
4 to 7 days
Agricultural market/farmstand
Truck dispensing dairy products, retail
Registrar fees:
Marriage license/domestic partnership/civil union
State fee
Borough fee
Burial permits
Transcript of vital statistics, per copy
Inspection, license or license renewal not specifically set forth in this chapter
Note: Fees will be waived for nonprofit organizations.
As provided in § 75-6B of the Code of the Borough of Park Ridge, charitable, religious, civic, educational and nonprofit corporations, associations and institutions shall be exempt from the payment of licensing fees; provided, however, that said organization shall be inspected and meet all the requirements of the Board of Health.
[Amended 7-26-2016 by Ord. No. 2016-016; 9-27-2016 by Ord. No. 2016-016A]
[Amended 11-16-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-1]
This chapter shall be enforced by the Health Officer or the delegated representative.
Any person, persons or body corporation or anyone required to have a license as set forth in § 109-2 failing to have a license or permit shall be in violation of this chapter and shall be subject to a fine of not more than $300 nor less than $50 for each day the violation exists. Fines shall be paid administratively to the Board of Health.