City of Scranton, PA
Lackawanna County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The ordinances and resolutions of the City of Scranton of a general and permanent nature adopted by the City Council of the City of Scranton on September 26, 1979, as the "1979 Codified Ordinances," as amended and supplemented, are hereby readopted, revised, codified and consolidated into chapters, articles and sections by General Code Publishers Corp., and as renumbered to consist of Chapters I through 445, together with an Appendix, are hereby approved, adopted, ordained and enacted as the "Code of the City of Scranton (1997)," hereafter known and referred to as the "Code."
The following changes are hereby adopted as part of the process of republication:
The terms "Justice of the Peace" and "District Magistrate" are hereby revised to refer to "District Justice."
By contract or by city personnel, supplements to this Code shall be prepared and printed whenever authorized or directed by the City Council. A supplement to the Code shall include all substantive permanent and general parts of ordinances adopted during the period covered by the supplement and all changes made thereby in the Code. The pages of a supplement shall be so numbered that they will fit properly into the Code and will, where necessary, replace pages which have become obsolete or partially obsolete.
In preparing a supplement to this Code, all portions of the Code which have been repealed shall be excluded from the Code by the omission thereof from reprinted pages.
When preparing a supplement to this Code, the codifier (meaning the person, agency or organization authorized to prepare the supplement) may make formal, nonsubstantive changes in ordinances and parts of ordinances included in the supplement, insofar as is necessary to do so to embody them into a unified code. For example, the codifier may:
Organize the ordinance materials into appropriate chapters, sections and subsections.
Provide appropriate catchlines, headings and titles for sections and other subsections of the code printed in the supplement and make changes in such catchlines, headings and titles.
Assign appropriate numbers to sections and other subsections to be inserted in the Code and, where necessary to accommodate new material, change existing section or other subdivision numbers.
Change the words "this ordinance" or words of the same meaning to "this chapter," "this article," "this division," etc., as the case may be, and to insert section numbers to indicate the sections of the Code.
Make other nonsubstantive changes necessary to preserve the original meaning of ordinance sections inserted into the Code; but in no case shall the codifier make any change in the meaning or effect of ordinance material included in the supplement or already embodied in the Code.
Editor's notes indicating sources of section, giving other information or referring to the statutes or to other parts of the code are inserted in the Code and may be inserted in supplements to the Code for the convenience of the person using the Code and are not part of the legislation.
One copy of the Code in a post-bound volume shall be filed with the Ordinance Book in the office of the City Clerk and shall remain there for use and examination by the public. Upon adoption, such copy shall be certified to by the City Clerk, as provided by law, and such certified copy shall remain on file in the office of the City Clerk, available to persons desiring to examine the same during all times while said Code is in effect.
It shall be the duty of the City Clerk or someone authorized and directed by him or her to keep up-to-date the certified copies of the book containing the Code required to be filed in the office of the City Clerk for the use of the public. All changes in said Code and all legislation adopted by the City Council subsequent to the effective date of this recodification which the City Council shall adopt specifically as part of the Code shall, when finally adopted, be included therein by reference until such changes or new legislation are printed as supplements to said Code books, at which time such supplements shall be inserted therein.
It shall be unlawful for anyone to improperly change or amend, by additions or deletions, or to alter or tamper with the Code of part or portion thereof, in any manner whatsoever, which will cause the law of the city to be misrepresented thereby. Anyone violating this section of this ordinance shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine not exceeding $600, plus cost of prosecution, and, in default of payment thereof, imprisonment for a term not exceeding 90 days.
This ordinance and the 1997 Code shall become effective immediately upon approval.
If any section, clause, provision or portion of this ordinance or any ordinances contained herein shall be held invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect any other section, clause or provision or portion of this ordinance so long as it remains legally enforceable minus the invalid portion. The city reserves the right to amend this ordinance or any portion thereof from time to time as shall deem advisable in the best interest of the promotion of the purposes and intent of this ordinance and the effective administration thereof.
This ordinance is enacted by the Council of the City of Scranton under the authority of the Act of the Legislature, April 13, 1972, Act No. 62, known as the "Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law," and any other applicable law arising under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.