Township of Whitemarsh, PA
Montgomery County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Whitemarsh 12-1-1950 by Ord. No. 26. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The survey, plan and system for the numbering of houses and buildings, prepared by the Institute of Local and State Government of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and dated September 25, 1950, a copy of which is hereto attached and made a part hereof, is hereby approved and adopted.[1]
Editor's Note: The survey, plan and system prepared by the Institute of Local and State Government is on file in the office of the Whitemarsh Township Secretary.
Following the effective date of this chapter, the Township official charged with the responsibility of administering this chapter, at such time as he deems such numbering required, shall notify the owner or occupant of houses and buildings of the number assigned and the period in which said owner or occupant shall have for the erection of the number; provided, however, that such period of time for the erection after notification shall not exceed 30 days. Notification shall be deemed sufficient when put in writing and either sent by registered mail to the owner or delivered to the house or building to be numbered.
Address specification. New and existing buildings shall be provided with approved address numbers or letters. Each character shall be a minimum of four inches high and a minimum of 0.5 inch wide. Address numbers or letters shall be installed on a contrasting background and shall be plainly visible from the street or road fronting the property. Where access is by means of a private road and the building address cannot be viewed from the public way, a monument, pole or other approved sign or means shall be used to identify the structure.
[Amended 11-11-2010 by Ord. No. 901]
It shall be unlawful to cover any house number with anything whatsoever, or conceal it in any way, and all old numbers shall be removed from any house, building or structure when a new number has been assigned and when so directed by the Township.
The Township Secretary shall be charged with the responsibility of administering this chapter. He shall at all times maintain an official Township House Numbering Map showing all house numbers assigned. Said map shall be kept in the Township Building of Whitemarsh Township and shall be open for examination to the residents of the Township.
A subdivider or builder of properties or subdivision shall submit a house numbering plan, prepared in accordance with the official Township House Numbering Plan, to the Township Secretary for approval thereof. When approved, house numbers shall be assigned and the same erected by the subdivider or builder of the subdivision in the same manner as herein provided for others within the Township.
Butler Pike and the Schuylkill River and the Conshohocken Borough boundary are the base lines for the numbering system; that is, Butler Pike for numbering vertical streets and Schuylkill River and the Conshohocken Borough boundary for numbering horizontal streets. Vertical streets shall be allotted numbers of one to three digits, i.e., from No. 1 to No. 999, beginning at Butler Pike. Horizontal streets shall be allotted numbers of four digits, i.e., from No. 1000 up, beginning at the Schuylkill River and the Conshohocken Borough boundary.
All even numbers shall be assigned to houses and other buildings on the southerly and westerly sides of streets. Odd numbers shall be assigned on the northerly and easterly sides of streets.
Blocks or series of numbers shall be allotted to areas between major intersecting streets.
[Amended 3-18-1982 by Ord. No. 425; 12-8-1988 by Ord. No. 565]
Any person or persons, firm or corporation who shall number or attempt to number any house or building contrary to this chapter and the plan hereby approved and adopted, or who shall fail or neglect to number his house or building in accordance herewith, or who shall fail to change the number thereon upon notification of the Township Secretary, and any person or persons who shall alter, deface, remove or destroy any number required to be displayed by this chapter shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine not to exceed the maximum fine of $1,000, plus costs of prosecution, and, in default of payment of such costs and prosecution, imprisonment for a term not exceeding 30 days; provided, however, that if the District Justice determines that the defendant is without the financial means to pay the fines and costs immediately or in a single remittance, such defendant shall be permitted to pay the fines or costs in installments and over such periods of time as the District Justice deems to be just.