Township of Whitemarsh, PA
Montgomery County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Whitemarsh 9-10-2020 by Ord. No. 1003. Amendments noted where applicable.]
A certain document, three copies of which are on file in the office of the Fire Marshal of Whitemarsh Township, being marked and designated as the International Fire Code, 2015 Edition, including Appendix Chapters B, C, D, E, and F, as published by the International Code Council, be and is hereby adopted as the Fire Code of Whitemarsh Township, regulating and governing the safeguarding of life and property from fire and explosion hazards arising from the storage, handling, and use of hazardous substances, materials, and devices, and from conditions hazardous to life or property in the occupancy of buildings and premises as herein provided; providing for the issuance of permits and collection of fees therefor; and each and all of the regulations, provisions, penalties, conditions and terms of said Fire Code on file in the office of the Fire Marshal are hereby referred to, adopted, and made a part hereof, as if fully set out in full in this chapter, with the additions, insertions, deletions, and changes, if any, prescribed in § 51A-2 of this chapter.
The following sections of the 2015 Edition of the International Fire Code are hereby revised as follows:
In Section 101.1, insert: "Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County."
Section 103.1, General, is amended to read as follows:
"The Department of Fire Prevention is established within the jurisdiction and under the direction of the Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshal/Code Official shall be in charge of the operation of this Department, and its function shall be the implementation, administration, and enforcement of the provisions of this code."
Section 103.2, Appointment, is deleted and replaced by the following language:
"The Fire Marshal position shall be filled as prescribed in the Code of the Township of Whitemarsh."
A new Section 105.1.7, Fees, is added as follows:
"Fees for fire permits shall be in accordance with a schedule adopted by resolution of the Board of Supervisors."
Sections 105.6 and 105.7, Required Permits, are amended to read as follows:
"The Fire Code Official is authorized to issue permits and collect fees as enumerated in Sections 105.6.1 through 105.6.48 and Sections 105.7.1 through 105.7.18, in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by resolution of the Board of Supervisors."
In Section 109.4, insert: "Summary," "not to exceed $1,000" and "30 days."
Section 202 shall have the following definition added:
FIRE MARSHAL — The Fire Marshal of Whitemarsh Township, who shall also be the Fire Chief and Fire Official as referred to in this Code."
In Section 111.4, insert: "$300," "Not to exceed $1,000."
Section 503.2.1. is deleted, and the following language substituted:
"Dimensions. Fire apparatus access roads shall have an unobstructed width of 24 feet, exclusive of shoulders, except for approved security gates in accordance with Section 504.6, and an unobstructed vertical clearance of 14 feet. No access driveway shall be located closer than five feet to a structure."
A new Section 507.1.1 is added as follows:
"All water mains shall be of sufficient size to provide at least 1,500 gallons per minute for fire hydrants. A loop system shall be used unless otherwise approved by the Fire Official."
A new Section 507.5.7 is added as follows:
"507.5.7. Fire hydrants; Specifications. Fire hydrants shall have national standard threads and be approved by the Fire Official. The following criteria shall be required regarding installation:
The hard-suction connection shall face the street, access driveway or fire walkway with the side outlets parallel to the cartway or walkway edge.
A minimum clearance of 20 inches, measured from the bottom of the lowest outlet to final grade of ground or pavement, shall be provided. In no case shall said clearance be more than 26 inches.
Fire hydrants shall be appropriately spaced so as not to exceed 500 feet between hydrants.
Fire hydrants required to be located outside a street right-of-way shall not be accepted as public fire hydrants by the Township.
. Fire hydrants shall be located within five feet of paved streets, access driveways or fire walkways."
Sections 603.4 and 604.4.1, are deleted and replaced by the following language:
"603.4. Portable heaters. Portable heaters, vented or unvented, in any structure, other than a single-family dwelling, which is used wholly or in part for human habitation, shall be prohibited. Portable heaters shall include, but not be limited to, heaters having a barometrically fed fuel control, with a fuel supply tank located less than 42 inches from the center control, with a fuel supply tank located less than 42 inches from the center of the burner, using gas, kerosene, range oil or No. 1 fuel oil for fuel.
603.4.1. Prohibited locations. Unvented fuel-fired heating equipment shall not be located in or obtain combustion air from any of the following rooms or spaces: sleeping rooms, bathrooms, toilet rooms or storage rooms.
603.4.1.1. Certain sales prohibited. No person shall sell or offer for sale or install a secondhand, previously owned, space heater or portable stove which uses gas, kerosene, range oil or No. 1 fuel oil for fuel.
603.4.1.2. Limited permissible uses of unvented kerosene heaters. Unvented kerosene heaters may be used in an agricultural building or a building under construction. Such heaters shall meet UL Subject 647 and bear the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., label, so certifying compliance."
Section 5601.2.4. is amended as follows: "$100,000" shall be changed to "$5,000,000."
If any conflict arises between the 2015 International Fire Code (IFC), PA Act 43 of 2017, Ordinance No. 989,[1] or Ordinance No. 990,[2] the Act and ordinances shall supersede the IFC.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 116, Zoning.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 52, Fireworks.
All geographic limits referred to in certain sections of the 2015 International Fire Code are to comply with the Whitemarsh Township Zoning Code.
The provisions of this chapter are declared to be severable. If any provision of this chapter is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unconstitutional, such determination shall have no effect on the remaining provisions of this chapter or on the provisions of the Code of Ordinances of Whitemarsh Township.