City of Butler, PA
Butler County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Butler as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Zoning — See Ch. 260.
[Adopted 11-21-1996 by Ord. No. 1431]

§ 224-1 Purpose.

The purpose of this article is to protect and maintain the health and safety of those citizens who work, shop and visit the businesses and professional offices of the City of Butler.

§ 224-2 Applicability.

This article shall apply to all areas within the M-1 (Light Industrial), C-1 (General Business), C-2 (Central Business) and R-O (Residential Office) Zoning Districts and all properties owned by the City of Butler, except those areas in the City parks as may be excluded by resolution of Council, within the City of Butler (hereinafter the "restricted area").

§ 224-3 Prohibited activities.

It shall be unlawful for any person to skate, roller blade or skateboard on any public sidewalk or public parking area within the restricted area in the City of Butler. It shall, further, be unlawful for any person to skate, roller blade or skateboard on any private property within the restricted area in the City of Butler, unless the express consent of the owner(s) of said property is first obtained.

§ 224-4 Violations and penalties.

Any person violating any provision of this article shall be fined not less than $25 nor more than $300 for each and every offense, and a separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues. Any person violating the provisions of this article shall have their skates, roller blades or skateboard, as the case may be, confiscated by the City until such time as the fine and costs as set forth herein have been paid in full.
Nothing in this article shall be interpreted as prohibiting institution of other criminal charges as may be appropriate against any person whose conduct violates this article.
[Adopted 10-24-2002 by Ord. No. 1524]

§ 224-5 Admission policy.

The Father Marinaro Skate Park is intended for the use of the general public, and there shall be no admission or user fee.
Daily operation of the skate park, to include enforcement of its rules and regulations, shall be under the general supervision of the Dunbar Community Center in coordination with the City's Director of Parks and Public Property.
All users of the skate park shall comply with the rules and regulations stated herein.

§ 224-6 Skate park use.

Normal skate park hours of operation, Monday through Friday, are 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, hours of operation are from 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m. The park may be closed, without notice, for reasons of safety, to include inclement weather.
Use of the park's facilities shall be at the user's own risk and neither the City of Butler or its agents shall be held responsible for any bodily injury or damage or loss of equipment related to the use of the park.
All users must sign in at the concession stand prior to using the park's facilities.
Users must wear appropriate safety equipment to include helmets with safety straps, elbow pads and knee pads. Those using skateboards/bicycles must wear shoes (no bare feet or sandals), and all users must wear shirts.
Spectators are not permitted in the side skate area.
Users age 10 and under must be accompanied and signed in by a parent or legal guardian.
Food and beverages are not permitted within the skating area.
Smoking within the skate park is not permitted.
Use of indecent or obscene language or behavior and/or fighting will not be tolerated. Violators will be ejected.
Users are expected to skate in a safe, responsible manner and to be considerate of other participants. Sitting on deck railings is not permitted.
Loud music is not permitted.
Any user who willfully damages or defaces the skate park shall be permanently expelled.
Entrance to the park is based on a first-come-first-served basis. Maximum capacity in the beginners area is 10 persons and 25 persons in the advanced area, and there is a one-hour time limit for users when there is a waiting line.

§ 224-7 Rules and regulations.

A copy of the rules and regulations contained herein shall be posted at the entrance to the skate park, and additional copies shall be maintained at the concession stand for distribution to anyone who would like one.
City Council of the City of Butler shall have the authority to establish, by resolution or ordinance, additional rules and/or regulations, hours of operation, and any agreements that may be necessary for the use and operation of the skate park.

§ 224-8 Violations and penalties.

Any person violating or failing to comply with any of the provisions of this article, or any of the rules and regulations established herein, shall be ejected from the skate park and be subjected to a fine of $25 for the first offense, a fine of $100 for the second offense, and a permanent forfeiture of the privilege to use the skate park for a third offense. In addition to or in lieu of the aforementioned fines, the District Justice may impose a period of community service.