Town of Montville, CT
New London County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Montville 11-7-1995. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I Incorporation and General Powers

§ C101 Incorporation.

§ C102 Rights and obligations.

§ C103 General grant of powers.

Article II Elections

§ C201 General.

§ C202 Regular Town elections.

§ C203 Elective officers.

§ C204 Minority representation.

§ C205 Independent and minority party candidates.

§ C206 Voting districts.

§ C207 Breaking a tie.

§ C208 Vacancies.

§ C209 Eligibility.

§ C210 (Reserved)

§ C211 Board for Admission of Electors.

Article III The Town Council

§ C301 Composition.

§ C302 Compensation; expenses.

§ C303 Organization.

§ C304 General powers and duties.

§ C305 Prohibitions.

§ C306 Vacancies; forfeiture of office; filing of vacancies.

§ C307 Judge of qualifications.

§ C308 Code of Ethics and investigations.

§ C309 Fiscal year.

§ C310 Procedure.

§ C311 Action requiring an ordinance.

§ C312 Ordinances in general.

§ C313 Emergency ordinances.

Article IV Officers, Boards and Commissions Appointed By and Responsible to the Town Council

§ C401 Town Attorney.

§ C402 Auditor.

§ C403 Planning and Zoning Commission.

§ C404 Parks and Recreation Commission.

§ C405 Conservation Commission.

§ C406 Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission.

§ C407 Water and Sewer Commission.

§ C408 Public Safety Commission.

§ C409 Town engineer.

§ C410 Appointments and removals.

§ C411 Vacancies.

§ C412 Establishment of other boards and commissions not provided by this Charter.

Article V The Mayor

§ C501 Election and qualifications.

§ C502 Duties.

§ C503 Appointments and terms.

§ C504 Absence, disability, vacancy.

§ C505 Veto power of the Mayor.

Article VI Administrative Offices and Departments Under the Mayor

§ C601 Administrative departments.

§ C602 Town Clerk.

§ C603 Department of Finance.

§ C604 Director of Finance.

§ C605 Department of Public Works.

§ C606 Health Department.

§ C607 Department of Social Services.

§ C608 Building Department.

Article VII Finance and Taxation

§ C701 General form of budget preparation.

§ C702 Departmental estimates.

§ C703 Duties of Mayor and Town Council on capital program.

§ C704 Duties of Mayor on budget.

§ C705 Duties of Town Council on budget.

§ C705A Financial powers.

§ C706 Emergency appropriations.

§ C707 Assessment and collection of taxes.

§ C708 Expenditures and accounting.

§ C709 Borrowing.

§ C710 Contributions.

§ C711 Official bonds.

Article VIII The Town Meeting

§ C801 Town meeting.

§ C802 Procedure.

§ C803 Petition for overrule of action of Town Council.

§ C804 Petition for enactment of ordinances.

Article IX Personnel Policies

§ C901 The classified service.

§ C902 Personnel rules.

§ C903 Conflict of interest.

§ C904 Retirement.

§ C905 Prohibitions.

§ C906 Salaries and benefits.

§ C907 Political activities of all classified service.

Article X Transition and Miscellaneous Provisions

§ C1001 Transfer of powers.

§ C1002 Present employees to retain positions.

§ C1003 Transfer of records and property.

§ C1004 Legal proceedings.

§ C1005 Existing laws and ordinances.

§ C1006 Amendment of charter.

§ C1007 Saving clause.

§ C1008 Effective date.

§ C1009 Transition Committee.

§ C1010 Nondiscrimination clause.

§ C1011 Rules and procedures; saving clause.