City of Easton, PA
Northampton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the voters of the City of Easton at the general election held 11-6-2007.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Editor's Note: The Preamble to this Charter is as follows: "We, the citizens of the City of Easton, requiring of our government, honesty, efficiency, and accountability, believe local self-government is the most effective way to secure these goals. Acting under the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the electorate of the City of Easton does hereby adopt this Home Rule Charter, which provides for a Mayor-In-Council form of government that builds a system of professionalized, efficient and fiscally sound management. Further, this Charter encourages local and regional government cooperation; builds procedures to ensure government responsiveness to the citizens; and, by virtue of securing the benefits of home rule, answers to the unique circumstances of our City's economy, geography, cultural, social and political heritage."
Article I Powers of the City

§ C-1.01 Powers of the City.

§ C-1.02 Construction.

§ C-1.03 Intergovernmental Relations.

Article II City Council

§ C-2.01 General Powers and Duties.

§ C-2.02 Eligibility, Terms of Office, and Composition.

§ C-2.03 The Mayor.

§ C-2.04 Compensation.

§ C-2.05 Prohibitions.

§ C-2.06 Vacancies; Forfeiture of Office; Filling of Vacancies.

§ C-2.07 Judge of the Election and Qualifications.

§ C-2.08 City Clerk.

§ C-2.09 Investigations.

§ C-2.10 Independent Annual Audit.

§ C-2.11 Procedures.

§ C-2.12 Actions Requiring an Ordinance.

§ C-2.13 Ordinances in General.

§ C-2.14 Emergency Ordinances.

§ C-2.15 Codes of Technical Regulations.

§ C-2.16 Authentication and Recording; Codification; Printing of Ordinances and Resolutions.

Article III Mayor and City Administrator

§ C-3.01 The Mayor.

§ C-3.02 The City Administrator — Appointment; Qualifications; Compensation.

§ C-3.03 Acting City Administrator.

§ C-3.04 Powers and Duties of the City Administrator.

Article IV Officers; Departments; Agencies

§ C-4.01 City Controller.

§ C-4.02 Office of the City Solicitor.

§ C-4.03 Department of Finance.

§ C-4.04 Administrative and Merit Personnel Codes.

Article V Financial Management

§ C-5.01 Fiscal Year.

§ C-5.02 Preparation and Submission of Budget and Budget Message.

§ C-5.03 Budget Message.

§ C-5.04 Budget.

§ C-5.05 City Council Action on Budget.

§ C-5.06 Appropriation and Revenue Ordinances.

§ C-5.07 Amendments After Adoption.

§ C-5.08 Administration and Fiduciary Oversight of the Budget.

§ C-5.09 Capital Program.

§ C-5.10 Council Action on the Capital Program.

§ C-5.11 Independent Annual Audit.

§ C-5.12 Published Public Records.

§ C-5.13 Competition.

Article VI Elections

§ C-6.01 City Elections.

§ C-6.02 Council Districts and Adjustment of Districts.

§ C-6.03 Method of Electing Council Members.

§ C-6.04 Initiative and Citizen Referendum.

Article VII Conflicts of Interest; Prohibitions; Board of Ethics

§ C-7.01 Conflicts of Interest; Board of Ethics.

§ C-7.02 Prohibitions.

Article VIII Charter Amendment

§ C-8.01 Proposal of Amendment.

§ C-8.02 Election.

§ C-8.03 Adoption of Amendment.

Article IX Transition and Severability

§ C-9.01 Officers and Employees.

§ C-9.02 Departments, Offices and Agencies.

§ C-9.03 Pending Matters.

§ C-9.04 State and Municipal Laws.

§ C-9.05 Schedule.

§ C-9.06 Severability.