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Village of Millerton, NY
Dutchess County
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The Village will lay and maintain service pipe from the main to the curb cock.
Service pipe from the curb cock to the meter shall be laid at least four feet below the surface of the ground at all points, shall conform to such standards and be of such make and type as the Board of Trustees shall direct and shall be of such size as the Village shall deem proper, the minimum size for any service hereafter installed shall, however, be 3/4 inch. No soldered joints shall be permitted in copper tubing underground.
No branch will be allowed to be inserted in any service pipe without a written permit from the Village. Where branches already exist not provided with stopcocks or curb cocks, in case of default in payment of water rent by any one customer, the main service may be cut off until the back charges are paid. The Village shall not be liable for damages to any other consumer who may thus be deprived of water. Backflow preventers (check valves) must be installed on all new installations.
No pipe or fixtures connected with the mains of the Village shall also be connected with pipes or fixtures supplied with water from any other sources, unless specifically approved by the Department of Health of the State of New York.
In the event that a change in ground elevation leaves a service pipe insufficiently buried, the consumer shall promptly lower or raise his service pipe to conform to the new ground elevation. In case the consumer fails or neglects to make such alterations promptly, the supply of water will be shut off until the alterations are completed, and a charge as set forth in the schedule of rates established pursuant to § 162-20 will be made to cover the labor and expense of the Village resulting from the consumer's failure so to do.
In all places where steam boilers, hot-water tanks and refrigerating or air-conditioning units are supplied with water from the water system, the owner or consumer must see that the plumber places a suitable safety valve, vacuum valve or other proper device to prevent damage from collapse or explosion when water is shut off. The Village shall not be liable for any damage resulting from sudden shutting off of the supply of water to any steam boiler or other fixture deriving its supply from the water system.