City of Weyauwega, WI
Waupaca County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 12-21-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-7; 5-19-2020 by Ord. No. 2020-7]
55-1, check returned for insufficient funds
55-9, statement of real property status
55-33, CIB investigation
175-7F, adult entertainment license
175-18 and 175-20B, adult-oriented establishment license
$500 initial; $500 renewal
175-25D, adult-oriented establishment employee registration
186-2A and C, amusement arcade license
$10 application fee; $100 annual license fee
190-3A(3), dog license
$3 neutered or spayed; $8 unneutered or unspayed
190-3B(1), kennel license
$36.50 up to 12 dogs; $4 per additional dog
190-4, late dog license
190-7C(5), impoundment of animal
$20 plus $3 per day
190-22A, cat license
$3 neutered or spayed; $8 unneutered or unspayed; $5 late fee; $1 duplicate tag
202-6B, bicycle registration
224-2, cigarette license
230-9F(2), major land disturbing activity permit
230-9F(3), minor land disturbing activity permit
$25 ($20 if a building permit fee is paid in connection with the same activity)
230-12A, appeal and variance
$25 filing fee; $50 for appeal by citizens
241-1C(1), driveway permit
241-2F(2)(b), culvert permit
266-5C, fireworks possession permit or user's permit
266-9A and C, fireworks seller's permit
$100; transfer: $20
283-5C(1), natural landscape permit
300-5A, Class "A" license
300-5B, Class "B" license
$50 July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021; $300 per year July 1, 2021, and thereafter
300-5C and D, temporary Class "B" license
300-5E, wholesaler license
300-5F, "Class A" license
300-5G, "Class B" license
$0 July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021; $100 per year July 1, 2021, and thereafter
300-5H, reserve "Class B" license
$10,000 initial issuance
300-5I, "Class B" license for full-service restaurant or hotel
$200 initial; $200 renewal
300-5J, "Class C" license
300-11A, license transfer
300-19D, beer garden permit
300-21D, operator's license
$20 standard; $10 provisional
340-5A, nonmetallic mining permit
340-7F, blasting/rock crushing permit
$40 per blasting period or $40 per year for gravel crushing operations using portable or fixed crushing equipment less than 30 days per year
370-26D, returned check
419-5C, sidewalk permit
419-7A(2), street opening permit
$25; $75 if opening is made prior to obtaining permit
419-7A(5), emergency street excavation
No fee if application is filed within 2 days; $75 if not filed within 2 days
419-9C(2)(b), permit to place items on sidewalk
$25 initial; $25 renewal
419-10C, street privilege permit
No fee, except $50 if the City must close a street
419-27B(5), parade permit
434-4C and F, transient merchant registration
$25; CIB fee $5
438-61(5), tree permit
454-21B, overnight parking permit
$36 per year
460-52A(1) and C, sewer permit
460-54A(1), permit to discharge holding tank waste
460-57B, appeal
520-38, tree fee
$50 times the number of trees required
520-48E(1), fee in lieu of land dedication
$300 per residential unit
520-51D, preliminary plat
$50 for up to 6 lots plus $5 per each additional lot over 6; reapplication $25
520-51E, final plat
$10 per lot; reapplication $10
520-51F, certified survey
$50; resubmittal $50
530-17E(1)(c), culvert installation permit
530-31B, planned unit development (PUD) review
530-86B(3), wireless telecommunications systems
$50 per site for permit request; $100 per site annual permit
530-89J, fence permit
530-102D, appeal
530-105B(6), variance
530-110B, mobile home park license