Town of Bedford, NH
Hillsborough County
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Owners of domestic animals are responsible for keeping their animals off athletic fields.
It shall be unlawful for the owner, keeper, or person having control of any dog to fail to immediately remove and dispose of in a sanitary manner any solid waste deposited by such dog upon any Town-owned land or parks before the owner leaves the immediate area where the solid waste was deposited.
It shall be unlawful for the owner, keeper or person having control of any dog to fail to have in his/her possession the equipment and/or supplies necessary to remove his/her dog's solid waste when accompanied by said dog.
Exception. This section shall not apply to any dog accompanying a person mentally or physically impaired and who because of such impairment is unable to comply with the requirements of this chapter.
For any violation of this section, the penalty shall be set at $100.
Horseback riding is permitted in areas specifically designated for such purpose by the Town Council.
Within the boundaries of any park, trees, shrubs, flowers, ferns, or other plants shall not be lifted or picked by park visitors. Stones, rocks, birds, or animals shall not be removed. Removal of bark from trees is prohibited. Cutting and removal of firewood is prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing by the Parks and Recreation Director or Town Manager.
No person shall maliciously disturb or injure any animal within the confines of a Town park, nor disturb any animal habitat.
[Added 7-22-2009]
It is required that all dogs allowed in Town parks and on conservation land, with the exception of a designated dog park, be under control at all times by means of a leash.