Village of Malone, NY
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted Malone Village Board 2-10-1969; effective 3-1-1969. Amendments noted where applicable.]
This ordinance shall be known as the "Malone Joint Recreation Commission."
The purpose of this ordinance is to provide for a year-round recreational program for the residents of both the Village of Malone and Town of Malone by embodying the terms of an informal agreement executed between the Town of Malone and Village of Malone on January 20, 1969, establishing a joint Recreation Commission pursuant to Article XIII of the General Municipal Law.
The members of the Recreation Commission shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees and those first appointed shall be appointed for such terms that the terms of one commissioner shall expire annually thereafter, and their successors shall thereafter be appointed to serve terms of years which shall total in number the membership of such Commission. The members of such Commission shall number seven and shall serve without pay.
The members of the Recreation Commission shall elect from their own number a chairman and secretary and other necessary officers to serve for one year and may employ such persons as may be needed as authorized by Article XIII of the General Municipal Law. Such a Recreation Commission shall have power to adopt rules of procedure for the conduct of all business within its jurisdiction.
The Commission may create an executive committee from its membership composed from an equal number of members from each participating municipality. The executive committee may exercise all of the authority of the joint Recreation Commission, except any executive member, by demand, may require an issue to be submitted to the joint Recreation Commission.
The Commission shall have all of the authority, power and duties as specifically set forth in Article XIII of the General Municipal Law. These powers and duties shall include but are not limited to:
Administer independently or with the cooperation of other civic organizations, individuals or groups to present programs and recreation facilities.
Equip, operate and maintain playgrounds and neighborhood recreation centers.
Accept any grant or devise of real estate or any gift or bequest of money or other personal property or any donation to be applied on principal or income for either temporary or permanent use for playground or recreation facilities.
Vacanices in such Commission occurring otherwise than by expiration of term shall be for the unexpired term and shall be filled in the same manner as original appointments.
The joint Recreation Commission shall determine its total budget request. The members of each participating municipality shall present to their appropriating body the total budget and shall set forth the amount chargeable to their municipality by the terms of the agreement and ordinance. In case their appropriating body does not appropriate an amount sufficient to meet its proportionate share, the joint Recreation Commission may reduce the expenditures attributable to that municipality or treat the reduced appropriations as a repudiation of the agreement and terminate the relationship.
The distribution of financial support necessary to maintain the activities of the Commission shall be borne as follows: 60% will be the responsibility of the Village of Malone; 40% will be the responsibility of the Town of Malone.
The fiscal officer of the Village of Malone shall be the custodian of moneys made available for expenditure for such purposes by all such municipalities and that such fiscal officer may make payments therefrom upon audit of the appropriate auditing body or officer of his municipality.
A municipality may withdraw from a Recreation Commission Board at the close of a fiscal year by repealing its adopting ordinance and filing a copy of the repeal ordinance with the other participating municipality. The joint Recreation Commission may terminate the participation of a municipalty when it does not contribute its proportion of the total budget agreed upon in the original agreement and ordinance. The termination shall occur at the conclusion of the fiscal year in which the joint Recreation Commission makes its finding.
The joint Recreation Commission at the conclusion of a fiscal year in which a discontinuance occurs, shall fairly and equitably distribute to the participating municipalities all moneys remaining in the fund.
This ordinance shall take effect March 1, 1969.