Town of Lloyd, NY
Ulster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Lloyd 6-8-2011 by L.L. No. 3-2011. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Alcoholic beverages — See Ch. 32.
Control of animals and wildfowl — See Ch. 49.
Firearms — See Ch. 56.
Outdoor fires — See Ch. 59.
Juvenile curfew — See Ch. 70.
Multi-use trails — See Ch. 74.
The purpose of this chapter is to govern the use and enjoyment of "The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park" by the public, consistent with the terms of its conservation easement.
The park shall provide for the recreational needs of town residents and the general public alike. No person shall be prohibited from access to and enjoyment of the park without just cause, and no admission fee will be charged for general use of the park. The Town Board may establish and charge a reasonable fee for the docking, loading or unloading of passenger vessels.
The park shall be open from dawn to dusk or hourly equivalent, as established by the Town Board, except:
The Town Board may keep the park open past normal closing hours for special events or occasions;
The park may be temporarily closed to the public when weather or other conditions outside of the Town Board's reasonable control dictate;
Emergency use of the boat launch ramp and/or dock shall be permitted at any time;
Except for loading and unloading, the parking of boat trailers on the site shall be prohibited except for an area adjacent to River Road approximately 82.5 feet in length.[1]
Editor’s Note: Former Subsection E, regarding the launching of personal watercraft vehicles, which immediately followed, was repealed 4-20-2016 by L.L. No. 3-2016.
No person who owns, possesses or harbors a dog shall allow or permit such dog to run at large in The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park unless effectively restrained by a nonretractable leash not exceeding six feet in length. Such dog shall be in "full control" (restraint by a nonretractable leash) at all times, which will prevent the dog from bothering, worrying, annoying, chasing or barking at any person or animal. Permitting a dog to damage property shall be prohibited, and no person who owns a dog shall permit or suffer such dog to damage or destroy property of any kind except its own owner's property.
Any person owning or in charge of any dog which soils, defiles, defecates on or commits any nuisance on any portion of The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park shall immediately remove all feces deposited by any such dog, and do it in a sanitary manner. The feces removed from the areas of The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park shall be disposed of by the person owning or in charge of any such dog, in a sealed, nonabsorbent, leak-proof container. In no event shall any feces be deposited in sewers or drains, whether storm or sanitary, or in any body of water.
Keeping of a persistently barking dog is prohibited. No person shall keep, suffer or permit to be kept on the premises any dog which, by its continued barking, howling or whining, or other frequent or long continued noise, shall unreasonably disturb the comfort or repose of any person in The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park.
The provisions of this section shall not apply to a guide dog, hearing dog or service dog accompanying any person with a disability.
In case a dog is unattended, information secured by an enforcement officer from a license or tag secured to said dog shall present a rebuttable presumption that the owner identified by such license or tag is the owner or person in charge of said dog.
No person shall use The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park from dusk to dawn except to participate in a supervised program of the Town.
No person shall annoy, harass or otherwise harm any other person or damage any wildlife.
No person shall damage, destroy, remove or misuse any property or plant life.
No person shall leave, deposit or throw any litter or throwaways. Anything carried in will be carried out.
Any pet or dog taken into The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park shall be on a nonretractable leash no longer than six feet. The leash in use shall not interfere with the safety and enjoyment of other users.
There shall be no recreational motor-driven vehicles or all-terrain vehicles permitted in The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park.
No one shall discharge any firearms, fireworks or bows and arrows within The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park, except as part of a Town-sponsored event for which the Town Board has approved all activities.
No one shall possess or partake of any alcoholic beverage except in a facility duly licensed to serve alcoholic beverages or at a Town-sponsored event for which the presence of alcoholic beverages has been specifically approved by the Town Board or its designee.
No person shall create a barrier or place or construct within The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park, or the body of water or stream adjacent to said park, any structures, building materials or natural materials which would in any way encroach upon or block the path or any part of the way utilized by the Town and by the public for public purposes, or encroach in any way or barricade The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park, or change or obstruct the flow of water in the stream or body of water adjacent to the park, excepting those structures or other improvements to be constructed by and for the Town for the public good, which have been approved by the Town Board.
The Town Board can, for good reasons, issue limited temporary exceptions and waivers to the activities allowed and prohibited in The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park.
No person shall set, create, cause or maintain a fire of any type within The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park, except as provided by permit or waiver.
No swimming will be permitted to, or from, or within The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park without a permit or a waiver.
Fishing shall be permitted in The Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park in designated areas only.
[Added 4-20-2016 by L.L. No. 3-2016[1]]
The use of jet skis, also known as personal watercraft vehicles (hereinafter "PWC") shall be permitted at the park subject to the following rules and regulations. All state regulations must be obeyed.
PWC use shall only be allowed from sunrise to sunset.
When launching from the park facilities, all motorized craft, including PWCs, shall be launched only from the concrete boat ramp.
Fueling or refueling of PWCs in water or in the Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park confines is strictly prohibited.
Upon launching, an operator of a PWC or other vessel shall maintain a maximum speed of no more than five miles per hour whenever the vessel or PWC is within 300 feet of the Town of Lloyd shoreline, and within 100 feet of any dock, float, pier or anchored boat.
All operators and passengers of PWCs must wear personal flotation devices (hereinafter "PFDs") at all times. PFDs must be impact-rated to match the speed capacity of the PWC. Inflatable PFDs are not allowed.
Noise shall not exceed 75 db by any PWC when measured from the shoreline in accordance with the testing standards provided in SAE J1970 or 90 db in accordance with the testing provided in SAE 2005. No engine exhaust modifications are permitted.
No vessel shall exceed 75 db within 100 feet of shore.
All operators and passengers must obey all New York State laws pertaining to the use and operation of PWC or any other vessel.
The operation of any vessel or PWC while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
No unsafe maneuvers of any vessel, including PWCs, shall be allowed.
There shall be no mooring or anchoring of PWCs within 100 feet of the Bob Shepard Highland Landing Park.
PWCs are not permitted within 100 feet of canoe/kayak launch at the mouth of the Twaalfskill Creek.
Harassment of wildlife is strictly prohibited.
Proof of PWC liability insurance is required to be on board at all times.
PWC operators must be at least 16 years old to operate alone. All fourteen-year to fifteen-year old operators must be licensed in accordance with all applicable New York State laws and accompanied, on the same PWC, by an adult 18 years old or older holding a PWC license.
Serious and/or repeated offenses of any of the rules or regulations may result in the suspension and/or revocation of owner's and/or operator's permission to use said facilities or water.
Editor's Note: This local law also redesignated former § 73-13 as § 73-14.
Violations of this chapter shall constitute an offense under the laws of the State of New York, which shall be punishable by a fine of up to $250 or 15 days in jail, to be determined by the Justice Court of the Town of Lloyd or any other court with jurisdiction.