Township of Eastampton, NJ
Burlington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the Township of Eastampton Code have been included in the 2011 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Not Code material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
Not included in Code but saved from repeal.
New legislation is pending.
Chapter/Title From 1974 Code
Location in 2011 Code
Part I, Administrative Legislation
Ch. 1, General Provisions
Art. I, Adoption of Code by Township Council
NLP; see Ch. 1, Art. I
Art. II, Penalties for Violations
Ch. 1, Art. II
Ch. 2, Administrative Code
Ch. 5
Ch. 4, Claims Procedure
Ch. 12
Ch. 5, Criminal Background Checks
Ch. 17
Ch. 8, Election Districts
Ch. 9, Environmental Commission
Ch. 28
Ch. 10, Fire District
Ch. 34
Ch. 11, Indemnification
Ch. 41
Ch. 13, Local Assistance Board
Ch. 14, Meetings: Township Council
REP; see now §§ 5-5 and 5-6
Ch. 15, Eastampton Township Recreation Advisory Committee
Ch. 95
Ch. 16, Personnel
Ch. 77
Ch. 17, Land Use Planning Board
Ch. 47
Ch. 18, Land Use Planning Board Attorney
Ch. 19, Police Department
Ch. 82
Ch. 20, Purchasing Procedure
Ch. 88
Ch. 22, Retirement
Art. I, Defined Contribution Retirement Program
Ch. 101, Art. I
Ch. 23, Salaries and Compensation
Ch. 107
Ch. 24, Municipal Facilities for the Handicapped
Part II, General Legislation
Ch. 28, Alcoholic Beverages
Art. I, Regulations
Ch. 139, Art. I
Art. II, Fees
Ch. 139, Art. II
Ch. 29, Bingo and Raffles
Ch. 156
Ch. 31, Boats
Ch. 162
Ch. 33, Brush, Grass and Weeds
Ch. 167
Ch. 38, Buildings, Unfit
Ch. 179
Ch. 39, Business Licenses
Ch. 185
Ch. 40, Uniform Construction Codes
Ch. 205
Ch. 41, Curfew
Ch. 213
Ch. 42, Curbs and Sidewalks
Ch. 456, Arts. II and III
Ch. 42A, Destruction of Shade Trees
Ch. 499, Art. II
Ch. 43, Dogs
Art. I, Control of Dogs
Ch. 145, Art. I
Art. II, Licensing
Ch. 145, Art. III
Ch. 44, Drug-Free School Zones
Ch. 226, Art. I
Ch. 45, Dump, Municipal
Ch. 48, Fire Insurance Claims
Ch. 259
Ch. 49, Fire Lanes
Ch. 264
Ch. 50, Fire Prevention
Ch. 268
Ch. 53, Floodplains
Ch. 55, Garage Sales
Ch. 289
Ch. 57, Hotel and Motel Room Occupancy Tax
Ch. 476, Art. I
Ch. 58, Housing Standards
Ch. 307
Ch. 60, Littering
Ch. 330
Ch. 61, Affordable Housing
Ch. 130
Ch. 66, Noise
Ch. 343
Ch. 67, Parks and Playgrounds
Ch. 366
Ch. 68, Peace and Good Order
Ch. 370
Ch. 70, Peddling and Soliciting; Temporary Merchants
Art. I, Peddlers and Solicitors
Ch. 374, Art. I
Art. II, Temporary Merchants
Ch. 374, Art. II
Ch. 71, Property Maintenance
Ch. 385
Ch. 72, Recycling
Ch. 397
Ch. 73, Road Openings
Ch. 456, Art. I
Ch. 76, Sewerage Facilities
Ch. 415, Art. II
Ch. 79, Shade Trees
Ch. 499, Art. I
Ch. 81, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
Ch. 432
Ch. 83, Soil Removal
Ch. 436
Ch. 84, Solid Waste
Ch. 444
Ch. 85, Storm Sewers
Art. I, Stormwater Management
Ch. 450, Art. I
Art. II, Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting
Ch. 450, Art. II
Art. III, Maintenance of Refuse Containers and Dumpsters
Ch. 450, Art. III
Ch. 88, Subdivision of Land and Site Plan Review
Ch. 460
Ch. 90, Towing and Storage of Vehicles
Ch. 487
Ch. 91, Township Property
Ch. 92, Trailer Camps
Ch. 492
Ch. 95, Vehicles, Abandoned
Ch. 505
Ch. 96, Vehicles and Traffic
Ch. 510
Ch. 98, Vehicles, Unlicensed Motor-Driven
Ch. 521
Ch. 103, Zoning
Ch. 540
Part III, Board of Health Legislation
Ch. 106, General Provisions, Board of Health
Art. I, Adoption of Code by Board of Health
Ch. 109, Food Establishments, Retail
Ch. 280
Ch. 113, Nuisances, Public Health
Ch. 347
Ch. 115, Rodent Control
Ch. 116, Sewage Disposal Systems, Individual
Ch. 415, Art. I
Ch. 117, Swimming Pools, Quasi-Public and Public
Ch. 120, Water Supplies, Individual and Semipublic
Ch. A125, Garbage Disposal Contract
Art. I, Basic Agreement
Art. II, Supplemental Agreement
Ch. A126, Sewerage System
Art. I, Original Agreement
Art. II, Supplemental Service Agreement
Art. III, Monmouth Road
Art. IV, Storm Sewer System
Ch. 450, Art. IV
Ch. A127, Interlocal Service Agreement
Art. I, Cooperative Pricing Agreement
Art. II, Maintenance of Certain Roads by County
Art. III, Community Development Revenue Sharing
Art. IV, Community Development Block Grant Program
Art. V, Animal Control Services
Art. VI, Voluntary Cooperative Pricing/Purchasing Program
Ch. A128, Fees
Ch. 250
Ch. A129, Cable Television Franchise
Ch. A550