Town of Kinderhook, NY
Columbia County
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In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the 1978 Code have been included in the 2011 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Not Code material (legislation is not general or permanent in nature).
Repealed effective with adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, Art. I.
Not included in Code but saved from repeal.
New legislation is pending.
Chapter/Title From 1978 Code
Location in 2011 Code
Part I, Administrative Legislation
Ch. 1, General Provisions
Art. I, Adoption of Code
NLP; see Ch. 1
Ch. 2, Attorney, Town
Art. I, Compensation
Ch. 5, Art. I
Ch. 2A, Citizen's Advisory Committee
Ch. 9
Ch. 3, Defense and Indemnification
Ch. 14
Ch. 4, Electrical Inspector
Ch. 96, Art. I
Ch. 6, Ethics, Code of
Ch. 20
Ch. 13, Planning Board
Art. I, General Provisions
Ch. 32, Art. I
Art. II, Bylaws
Ch. 32, Art. II
Ch. 17, Recreation Commission
Ch. 40
Ch. 18, Retirement and Social Security
Art. I, Retirement
Ch. 45, Art. I
Art. II, Social Security
Ch. 45, Art. II
Ch. 21, Salaries and Compensation
Art. I, Compensation of Deputies
Ch. 50, Art. I
Ch. 22, Terms of Office
Art. I, Clerk and Tax Collector
Ch. 55, Art. I
Part II, General Legislation
Ch. 27, Bingo
Ch. 86
Ch. 31, Boats
Ch. 90
Ch. 35, Building Construction
Repealed by L.L. No. 1-2010; see Ch. 96, Art. II
Ch. 37, Cemeteries
Ch. 108
Ch. 40, Dogs
Repealed by L.L. No. 2-2010; see Ch. 80
Ch. 45, Environment Quality Review
Ch. 122
Ch. 47, Flood Damage Prevention
Ch. 134
Ch. 49, Freshwater Wetlands
Ch. 138
Ch. 53, Games of Chance
Ch. 144
Ch. 58, Liability of Town
Art. I, Prior Notice of Defect
Ch. 186
Ch. 59, Park and Recreation Areas
Ch. 172
Ch. 60, Peace and Good Order
Art. I, Consumption and Possession of Alcoholic Beverages
Ch. 176, Art. I
Art. II, Prohibited Conduct
Ch. 176, Art. II
Ch. 61, Littering
Ch. 158
Ch. 62, Streets and Sidewalks
Art. I, Block Parties
Ch. 210, Art. I
Art. II, Driveways and Accessways
Ch. 210, Art. II
Art. III, Sidewalk Maintenance
Ch. 210, Art. III
Art. IV, No Parking
Ch. 235, Art. III
Ch. 63, Subdivision of Land
Repealed by L.L. No. 10-2001; see Ch. 215
Ch. 65, Swimming Pools
Ch. 219
Ch. 67, Taxation
Art. I, Senior Citizen Exemption
Ch. 224, Art. I
Art. II, Business Investment Exemption
Ch. 224, Art. II
Art. III, Veterans Tax Exemption
Ch. 224, Art. III
Art. IV, Physically Disabled Tax Exemption
Ch. 224, Art. IV
Art. V, Exemption for Disabled Persons with Limited Income
Ch. 224, Art. V
Ch. 74, Unsafe Buildings
Ch. 100
Ch. 75, Vehicles, Abandoned, Junked or Inoperative
Ch. 232
Ch. 76, Vehicles and Traffic
Art. I, Use of Bridges
Ch. 235, Art. I
Art. II, Weight Limits
Ch. 235, Art. II
Ch. 81, Zoning
Repealed by L.L. No. 9-2001; see Ch. 250
Ch. A85, Street Specifications
Ch. A251
Ch. A86, Fee Schedule
Ch. A252