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Cecil County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Septage hauling and discharge — See Ch. 301.
Stormwater discharge — See Ch. 322.
Junked or abandoned vehicles — See Ch. 353.
[Adopted as indicated in text (Ch. 138 of the 1990 Code of Public Local Laws)]
[1961 Code, § 400; 1970 Code, Sec. 18-1]
It shall be unlawful for any landowner to drain water from his lands into or upon any public road, and the person so offending shall be liable to indictment by the grand jury, and upon conviction shall be fined not less than $10 nor more than $100; said fine to be paid into the County treasury to the credit of road and bridge account. If, in the construction and repair of public roads, it is necessary for the proper drainage of said roads to let off the water therefrom upon the adjoining lands, Cecil County shall award to the owner of said lands reasonable compensation for the privilege, and shall construct drains through such lands so as to prevent the spreading of the water over cultivated fields; but nothing contained in this article shall be so construed as to apply to the natural course of water from the public roads into and upon adjoining lands or from said lands into and upon the roads.
[1961 Code, § 401; 1970 Code, Sec. 18-2; 1988, ch. 227, § 2; amended 11-13-2012 by Ord. No. 2012-12]
It shall be unlawful for anyone to obstruct, fill up or otherwise injure the drains made for conducting water from the public roads, or the ditches on the sides of said roads, or to obstruct any road by moving fences out upon the same, or placing other obstructions thereon, or to dig any ditch or drain across any road, without first having procured an order from the County to do so, and to neglect to keep such ditch or drain well covered and in good repair for the passage of vehicles over the same; and all persons so offending shall, upon conviction, be fined not less than $10 nor more than $100, said fine to be paid into the County treasury to the credit of the road and bridge account. When any unlawful obstruction or injury to a public road shall be reported to the Director of Public Works, he shall forthwith remove said obstruction, or repair said injury, at the cost of the person causing the same; and if such person shall refuse to pay the costs to the Director of Finance, the County shall institute suit at once against him to recover said costs.
[1961 Code, § 402; 1970 Code, Sec. 18-4; 1988, ch. 227, § 2]
Whenever any doubt may exist as to the proper location or width of any road, the County may cause the same to be surveyed, and in its discretion make such alterations as the convenience of the public may require, and may compensate any owner of land along said road who may be entitled to compensation in consequence of said alterations.
Erection, maintenance and size. The County may, in its discretion, erect and maintain boards so painted with letters and figures as to indicate the direction of and distance to the nearest city, town, village, post office or other places of importance in said County. Said boards shall be placed at the intersection of all County roads in said County, and in a conspicuous place, upon substantial posts. Said boards shall be not less than six inches broad and not less than two feet long.
[1961 Code, § 403; 1970 Code, Sec. 18-4]
Repair, replacement or maintenance. After the erection of said boards, they shall be repaired, renewed and maintained by the County.
[1961 Code, § 404; 1970 Code, Sec. 18-5; 1988, ch. 227, § 2]
Damage or destruction of signs. Any person who shall maliciously deface, tear down or destroy a sign or post maintained by the County shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon indictment and conviction shall be fined a sum not exceeding $100, and in default of the payment of this fine and costs of prosecution shall be confined in the County jail for a period not exceeding 10 days.
[1961 Code, § 405; 1970 Code, Sec. 18-6; 1984, ch. 454, § 1]
[Adopted by the Board of County Commissioners (now County Council) 11-8-1971]
[Amended 8-16-1976; 8-19-2008 by Ord. No. 2008-05]
Pursuant to the powers and authority vested in the Board of County Commissioners under Article 25, § 2, of the Annotated Code of Maryland, the County has adopted revisions to the regulations known as the "Cecil County Road Code and Standard Specifications" for roads in the County.
A copy of the regulations will be kept at all times in the office of the Director of Public Works, Cecil County Administrative Building, 200 Chesapeake Boulevard, Suite 2400, Elkton, Maryland 29121. Copies of such regulations can be purchased from the Department of Public Works as provided in the Development Services Division fee schedule.
[Amended 11-13-2012 by Ord. No. 2012-12]
[Added 4-5-2005 by Ord. No. 2005-03]
At any time that the Department of Public Works or any designated Code Enforcement Officer of the County determines that a builder or developer has failed to execute grading, roadway, stormwater management, utility or building construction in accordance with the approved street and storm drain plans, notice shall be sent to said builder or developer advising said builder or developer of said noncompliance with the Code of Cecil County. Said notice shall be presumed received upon being mailed to the address of said builder provided on the building permit, grading permit or approved construction plans three days after mailing. Until said violation has been corrected to the Department of Public Works' satisfaction, the Department of Public Works and/or any appropriate Code Official of the County shall have the power to suspend review of any applications or plans submitted by said builder or developer, suspend any of the permits issued to said builder or developer, withdraw any permits issued to said builder or developer and/or deny further permits requested by said builder or developer.
For purposes of this section, "builder or developer" shall be defined to mean the party to whom the building permit or grading permit was issued (and its heirs, successors and assigns) or to whom approval was granted for the construction plans and shall also include any party actually performing the work of construction therein. The "builder or developer" shall also include any officer of any corporation, any partner of any partnership or any related corporation, partnership, limited-liability company or limited-liability partnership owned in whole or in part by any aforementioned party.