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Cecil County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted as indicated in text (Ch. 44 of the 1990 Code of Public Local Laws)]
[1961 Code, § 439; 1970 Code, Sec. 1-4; 1982, ch. 898; 1988, ch. 227, § 2]
It shall be the duty of the County to pay for all supplies and provisions necessary, in the judgment of the County, for the support and maintenance of all persons committed to the jail, said supplies and provisions to be purchased by the Sheriff and placed at said jail. The bills for the same shall be presented by the Sheriff to the County for approval and payment, and the County shall determine the amount to be expended by the Sheriff per day for each prisoner actually committed to the jail of said County. The Sheriff shall not exceed such allowance without the approval of the County. The County shall furnish all fuel and light needed for said jail. The Sheriff shall have the authority and power to appoint an Attorney to the Sheriff, a cook to serve at the jail and such other assistants, with the approval of the County, as may be necessary in an emergency, said cook and assistants to be paid such salary as the County directs. The Attorney to the Sheriff shall be paid such amounts and at such times as may be approved by the County. The County shall include in the tax levy each year a sufficient amount to pay for the cost of food and the compensation to the cook and Attorney.
[1961 Code, § 440; 1970 Code, Sec. 1-5; 1988, ch. 227, § 2; amended 11-13-2012 by Ord. No. 2012-12]
It shall be the duty of the Sheriff to keep a correct and full statement or schedule of all persons committed to the jail, showing the length of time and the charge upon which they are committed, and the name of the officer , which statement or schedule, together with all books, papers and commitments kept by him pertaining to prisoners in the jail, shall at all times be open to inspection by County officials or employees. At the first meeting of the Council in each month, the Sheriff shall make to the Council, under oath, a full and complete report of all persons confined in the jail, with a statement of the length of time, the offense for which they are committed and the name of the officer by whom they were committed. The same sums of money hereinbefore authorized to be levied and paid the Sheriff shall be in full of all claims of said Sheriff against Cecil County for his care, labor, responsibility and expense in discharging the duties of his office, including the keeping safely in jail of prisoners committed to his custody, supplying to said prisoners the provisions furnished for them, by the County, properly cooked and served in a proper and sanitary condition as hereinbefore provided, and keeping the jail in a clean and tidy condition. The County shall not pay said Sheriff for any service he may render in the discharge of his official duties any further or other compensation and shall not be in any way liable for any fees now or which may hereafter be allowed said Sheriff by law, or for any further compensation than that as above provided.
[Adopted by the Board of County Commissioners (now County Council) 2-25-1969]
Any person sentenced and incarcerated in the County jail on the live-in, work-out program will be obligated to pay all medical and hospital bills incurred by the prisoner not related to his incarceration or caused by the Sheriff or his employees, and the same will be withheld by the probation office in the same manner as keep and support.