Village of Bellevue, WI
Brown County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Bellevue Board 6-23-1992 (§ 1.11 of the 1998 Code); amended 9-11-1996; 6-12-2002; 2-14-2007; 4-13-2011. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
This chapter is titled the "Village of Bellevue Municipal Judge Ordinance." The purpose of this chapter is to establish the position of Municipal Judge for the Village.
The Village Board has the specific authority, powers and duties, pursuant to Chs. 61, 755 and 800, Wis. Stats., to provide for the election of a Municipal Judge and to provide for the operation and maintenance of the court, including employees of the court.
The Village Board has, by the adoption of this chapter, confirmed the statutory authority, powers and duties noted above in Chs. 61, 755 and 800, Wis. Stats., and has established, pursuant to these chapters and this chapter, the powers and duties of the Village Board to provide for the operation and maintenance of a municipal court system and to provide for the election of a Municipal Judge.
The Municipal Judge shall be elected at large at the spring election in every other even-numbered year for a term of four years commencing on May 1 succeeding his or her election. To qualify for the position, the Municipal Judge shall have at least a Juris Doctorate (JD) in law from an accredited university and be in good standing with the Wisconsin State Bar.
The Municipal Judge shall file the appropriate oath and bond as required by § 755.03, Wis. Stats.
The salary affixed for the Municipal Judge shall be in lieu of fees and costs. The salary of the Municipal Judge cannot be decreased during the term of office, but no salary will be paid until the appropriate oath and bond have been properly executed.
This Municipal Court in the Village is a single jurisdiction court system.
The Municipal Court of the Village has exclusive jurisdiction in the Village over any action in which the Village rules to impose forfeiture for violation of Village ordinances unless the action is transferred under § 800.035 or 800.05(3), Wis. Stats., to a court of review. If equitable relief is sought or demanded, the Municipal Court in the Village does not have jurisdiction.
The Municipal Judge of the Village is authorized to issue inspection warrants under § 66.0119, Wis. Stats. The Municipal Judge may order the payment of restitution for violation of ordinances in conformity with §§ 943.24 and 943.50, Wis. Stats. The restitution provided shall be under § 943.24(5) or 943.50(5), Wis. Stats.
The court of the Municipal Judge shall be called the "Municipal Court for Bellevue, Wisconsin" and shall be open as the Municipal Judge shall determine.
The Municipal Judge shall keep an office and hold court in a Village building.
The procedure in Municipal Court shall be as provided in Wisconsin Statutes and as otherwise provided by other applicable laws and Village ordinances.
The Municipal Judge shall collect all forfeitures, fines and taxable costs in any action or proceeding before him or her and shall pay over such moneys to the Village Clerk-Treasurer pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes.
Court costs. Pursuant to § 814.65(1), Wis. Stats., the Municipal Judge shall collect court costs in Municipal Court actions equivalent to the maximum allowed by the State of Wisconsin.
[Added 12-31-2013 by Ord. No. O-2013-18]
The Municipal Judge may punish for contempt of municipal court for the Village, as defined and authorized by § 800.12, Wis. Stats.
The Municipal Judge shall, in writing, appoint the personnel that are authorized by the Village Board. The Board shall authorize at least one Clerk for each court. The Village Board shall fix the salaries and benefits of these employees.
The Municipal Judge shall comply with Ch. 755, Wis. Stats.