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Township of Lower Merion, PA
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In residence districts, or commercial districts where exterior lighting equipment casts significant light onto residential properties, any permitted illumination of buildings, structures, tennis courts, pools, signs, or other open areas shall be subject to the following regulations:
Outdoor lighting shall be selected, located and focused so that only the building, structure, sign, or other open area on the lot is illuminated. Signs, if lighted, shall be externally illuminated only from directly above the face of the sign. The internal lighting limitation shall not apply to approved commercial signs in a commercial zoning district where signs are permitted to be internally illuminated.
Outdoor lighting shall be aimed and/or shielded so that the light shall not be directed onto any adjacent lot, public street or public right-of-way. If any exterior luminaire (light fixture) exceeds the following lamp wattage limits, then the source of illumination shall be fully shielded in order to prevent glare and off-site migration of light onto adjacent properties. The following limits shall apply to the total lamp wattage per luminaire.
Incandescent: 100 watts.
Halogen (quartz or tungsten halogen): 75 watts.
Halogen infrared reflecting (infrared-conserving): 60 watts.
High-pressure sodium (HPS): 50 watts.
Pulse start metal halide (PSMH) or ceramic metal halide (CMH): 40 watts.
Compact fluorescent (CFL): 26 watts.
Straight (linear) fluorescent: 32 watts.
Low voltage (12 to 24 volts) landscape lighting utilizing either an incandescent or halogen lamp: 25 watts.
LED: reserved.
Outdoor lighting shall not result in a measurable light level greater than one-half of one (0.5) footcandle at the property line or lot line, measured either vertically, horizontally, or line of sight at an elevation of five feet above grade.
No decorative, sign or floodlighting, except low-intensity (low-brightness) safety or security lighting, which exceeds the lamp wattages as listed above shall be permitted to operate after 11:00 p.m. and until dawn. Lighting controlled by an automatic motion sensor, with daylight detection plus automatic turnoff and adjusted for a maximum "on" duration of not more than 10 minutes, shall be exempt from the 11:00 p.m. time limit.